Planet Zoo Building Tips, Understanding Construction System

Learn all about the various features of building in Planet Zoo and get an insight into some handy tips that will make your zoo unique

Crafting a breathtaking zoo experience in Planet Zoo requires mastering the construction system. It’s the foundation for creating functional habitats, captivating guest pathways, and stunning scenery.

This guide includes multiple building tips needed to unlock your creative potential in Planet Zoo. We’ll start with the fundamentals, like duplicating and moving objects, and progress to advanced techniques. You’ll discover everything you need to bring your zoo vision to life, from hidden functionalities to settings that enhance precision.

5. Practice With Laying Down Layouts

Planet Zoo Building Tips

While setting up a zoo from scratch, you need to practice in a positive and stress-free environment. This is possible by starting in the sandbox mode. This mode has a special feature that allows you to disable negative effects like animal stress, fear, fights, dirty water, stale food, and overpopulation. This mode has some half-built progress, and you can make minor adjustments.

If you build a habitat for your larger animals, choose a suitable wall from the Barrier Editor and build a wall loop to create a completed space. Once you have a closed space, you must place a gate from the object browser.


If the barrier gate or more than one keeper gate is missing from the barrier loop, it can lead to habitat invalidity issues.

4. Practice Replicating Workshop Items

If you’re new to the game and don’t understand how to begin the construction process, all you need to do is download some workshop items as a base, understand how they are made, and try replicating them. Planet Zoo allows you to build anything you want. You can google some landscape ideas and recreate similar pieces to get started.

3. Add Shops Once You’re Confident With Layouts

Planet Zoo Building Tips

Once you have practiced layouts, habitats, and workshops, the next thing you need to learn is to add new shops to existing buildings. For this, you need to find a gap between two stores or buildings that can fit a store. Then head to the menu tab and look for the shop you want to place, then select a basic shop with no or minimal décor. Last, place it in your desired place.


Remove paths nearby if you are finding it hard to adjust the shop. This will allow you to connect things better once the store is placed.

By default, when your shop is linked to a path, it does not require any adjustments, but you can still use the Shift key to relocate the items nearby or the Z button to rotate the shop.

2. Leave Plenty Of Room When Setting Up Plazas

If you’re setting up a plaza, you will need to have a large entrance near or in the front. You can use grid paths to make decent squares. Once the entrance is set, make the surroundings interesting by adding a nature scene or a central statue and having some cafes and gift shops nearby. If you have enough experience, you can also add a transportation system.


Use the curved slopes and elevated length options in your path options to have more control over your paths.

With the plaza all set, add a 6m path on the east and west sides that will lead toward themed areas to add a pinch of interest to your structure. You must have small guest plazas and train stations near each themed area. You can also add a picnic corner and trash cans in the corner of each plaza or near cafes so the guests don’t have to walk much. This is one of the most important tips we can give you for building in Planet Zoo.


Press the Land key to add a light torch near your plaza or picnic areas. This is super useful when building at night.

1. Lay Down Ample Paths To Connect Everything

Planet Zoo Building Tips

Paths connect everything together with the zoo. You need to open the paths systems, select, and lay down the paths consecutively. Press and hold the + or—keys to extend paths to desired lengths. When you place the paths near existing paths, they are connected to them automatically.

Did You Know

You can adjust the length and width of paths according to your needs. Wider paths are going to cost you more, but they support a large number of guests and prevent crowding.

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