PixARK Dedicated Server Guide – How To Setup, Manual And Automatic

In this PixARK Dedicated Server Guide, we will guide you on how you can create your own PixARK Dedicated Server on Windows. We will guide you through two ways by which you can create these servers. One uses an automated software, which does everything for you, and you only have to provide it some information.

The second method is manual and it requires you to create all necessary files and folders yourself. Both methods work flawlessly so you can choose whichever method suits you to create your own PixARK Dedicated Server. We have provided links for all extra tools and programs that you will require in this guide as well so you do not have to look for them separately.

PixARK Dedicated Server – Automatically

This method requires a special tool, which will setup the entire server for you. It not only installs the server settings for you for also sets it up for later use and downloads all files required from the internet as well. You can Download the Tool from the link.

The tool is currently in beta phase and you can download the 0.5 beta, which seems to be working fine with modern systems.

This tool will automatically download the SteamCMD, launch it later and then download further files that are required for the PixARK Dedicated Server. After downloading all required files, it will also create a Batch file for launching the server and create a shortcut on the desktop for you.

Once you have downloaded the software from the above link, clink on the file to run the tool.

When it opens up, you will see some fields where you can enter some information for setting up the PixARK Dedicated Server. Starting from the top, enter a name of the server folder without any spaces. After that, enter your Server Session Name. This name shows up in the lists of servers available to join.

Next, you can set the Server Seed. Click the checkbox if you want a desktop shortcut.

The next section allows you to enter custom ports if you want to use them. If you want to stick with the custom ports, leave this section as it is and click ‘Select folder and finish’ button.

If there is a need to change parameters, you must change them before launching the server. Once the servers starts, avoid changing parameters as it might glitch your server. If you are having connectivity issues, you can use the following settings for setting up the ports.

  • Port – 27015
  • QueryPort – 27016
  • RCONPort – 27017
  • cubeport – 27018

You can also check the launcher configuration file and see if it has the following line. All this should be in a single line without any spaces or line breaks.

‘start “” /NORMAL “C:\KillasRspike\pixarktest\TestServer\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\PixARKServer.exe” “CubeWorld_Light?listen?ServerPassword=1234?MaxPlayers=10?Port=27015?QueryPort=27016?RCONPort=27017?SessionName=TestServer?ServerAdminPassword=nope?CULTUREFORCOOKING=en” -NoBattlEye -NoHangDetection -CubePort=27018 -cubeworld=TestServer -Seed=8008 -nosteamclient -game -server –log’

Here, the PixARKServer.exe path needs to match your own. The server password is 1234. After this, your server should up and running without any problems.

PixARK Dedicated Server – Manually

If you prefer making the server your own way and do not want to use any tools to help you make it, you can follow the instructions below to manually create your own PixARK Dedicated Server.

  • On your desktop, create a fresh folder by the name of PixARK. You can also choose any location of your choice as well. Just make sure that you adjust the location in the following steps as well.
  • Open this folder and create two more folders by the names of ‘steamcmd’ and ‘server’.
  • Now create two .BAT files in the main PixARK folder by the names of ‘update.bat’ and ‘startserver.bat’.
  • Open the ‘update.bat’ file and put this line in the file. -> start “” steamcmd/steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir “E:\PixArk\Server” +app_update 824360 validate +quit
  • Make sure to adjust the location according to the folder you created in the above line.
  • Now open the ‘startserver.bat’ file and put this line in it. -> start “” /normal “E:\PixArk\Server\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\PixARKServer.exe” CubeWorld_Light?listen?Multihome= -ServerPort=15000 -CubePort=27019 -CULTUREFORCOOKING=en -forcerespawndinos -NoBattlEye -NoHangDetection -nosteamclient -game -server -log –high
  • Adjust the location according to the folder in this line as well. At this point you also need to change the Multihome IP address to your own address.
  • Now you need to download SteamCMD from the following link. Once the file is downloaded, unzip it and put the ‘SteamCMD.exe’ file in the steamcmd folder.
  • Run the update.bat file and it will download some files from the internet.
  • Once all files are downloaded, run the server from the startserver.bat file.
  • Wait for the server to load and once it is done loading go to PixArk\Server\ShooterGame\Saved\CubeServers\CubeWorld_Light\CubeWorld_Light\
  • Find the file World.ini and open it using a text edition. The server is safe to run at this point.
  • The ServerPort must be set to 27019.
  • Open or Forward ports UDP=15000 &27019 &TCP = 15000 &27019.
  • Press the Winlogo + R key, type wf.msc and press enter to run the command.
  • On the screen that opens, check the following inbound rules.
  • The PixARK must show twice in there.
  • Double Click on both and check that in the Protocols and Ports tab, UDP and TCP is selected. One should be UDP while the other should be TCP.
  • Set Edge Traversal to Allow.
  • On the advanced tab, check that Domain, Private and Public are turned off
  • Click on apply and exit the settings.
  • Close the server down.
  • Go to the folder PixArk\Server\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsServer\ and edit the ‘GameUserSettings.ini with a text editor. You need to make sure that the following lines are there exaclty as they are here.


  • SessionName=yourservername
  • Port=14999
  • QueryPort=27019
  • Multihome=same as what you put in the serverstart.bat file


  • ServerPassword=whateverpasswordyouwant
  • ServerAdminPassword=whateverpasswordyouwant
  • RCONEnabled=True
  • RCONPort=27020
  • RCONServerGameLogBuffer=600.000000
  • Once you are done with this, restart the server.
  • Open steam and click view/servers/favourites tab. Click Add a Server and add this address in the tab The must be your own mutihome IP.
  • Start PixARK server and it will show up in the Favorites section of Steam.
  • Your server is now all set and ready to go.

This concludes our PixARK Dedicated Server Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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