Pirate Pays Diablo Creator at GDC After 20 Years

After 20 years of Diablo's release, a pirate has come forward in person to pay Diablo creator at GDC 2016 for pirating the game decades ago.

It has been almost 20 years since the very first Diablo game came out. The title was created by David Brevik who did an exceptional job but like most games, Diablo was pirated by numerous PC users across the globe.

One of the persons who pirated the original Diablo is a man from India, Shivam Bhatt. He pirated the game 20 years ago on PC. He was at GDC this year and what he did is just heartwarming.

Shivam Bhatt walked up to Diablo creator David Brevik, who was also attending, apologized to the man and paid Brevik him for that pirated copy of Diablo.

Simply amazing!

Some of us don’t realize how damaging piracy is to the gaming industry, we are practically killing the thing we love the most. Some justify this by saying they won’t pay for a game that isn’t worth it, dude just don’t buy it if you think it isn’t worth it.

There are reviews, videos, previews available for every game there is that are more than enough to know if the game is worth it or not. Read them if you can, and make the call of spending your money.

We need more fans like Bhatt who realize their mistakes and do something to bring a change, at least within themselves.

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