Pillars of Eternity Bugs, Crashes, Graphics, Errors, Performance and Fixes

Pillars of Eternity
After bagging more than $4 million in crowd funding, Pillars of Eternity became a highly anticipated fantasy RPG and now, that it finally is out for backers to play it. However, like many other games, Pillars of Eternity does have its fair share of launch issues.

Obsidian might fix these issues with time but if you are restless and want to play the game as soon as possible, our troubleshooting guide has the workarounds to get you started.

Following are the common issues – errors, crashes, bugs’ people in general are experiencing while playing the game.

#1 Pillars of Eternity Missing Textures
If you are getting weird pink graphics or some of the textures are missing, you need to verify your game files. If that doesn’t help, go to settings menu and try disabling different options one by as it could be due to one of the settings.

Some users have also reported that installing the game in Internal HDD than the external seems to have fixed the issue for them.

#2 Pillars of Eternity – Raedric’s Keep Crash
A lot of users have reported that their game is crashing while they are at Raedric’s Keep.


There is no permanent fix yet, but if you can’t wait for an official patch, back up your save files and try deleting ar files manually to reset the area.

I am not sure it will work but if you are willing, it’s worth a shot.

#3 Pillars of Eternity – Download Stuck at 99%
There are multiple things you can try to get rid of this issue. First, try running the game even if it says 99%. If that doesn’t help, you need to quit Steam and restart.

Still no luck? You should change the download server region. It should fix the problem and if you are still stuck, you should try re-installing Steam.

#4 Pillars of Eternity Stuck/Game Won’t Progress
Getting stuck at a certain point is another bug that is being faced by multiple users. To get past it, you should verify your game files first and if that doesn’t help, a fresh install seems to have fixed the issue for some.

Lowering the graphics and running the game in windowed mode has also helped some users resolve the issue.

#5 Pillars of Eternity – Can’t Access DLC
If you are unable to access your DLC, you can use these troubleshooting tips to get it work.

#6 Pillars of Eternity Invisible Cursor Fix
You need to make sure that you aren’t using any mouse pointer trails on your windows. If that’s not the issue, try running the game in windowed mode to see the cursor.

#7 Pillars of Eternity Performance Issues
Although it’s not a resource demanding game, you can still run into performance issues. If that’s the case, you need to run the game as administrator. Furthermore, make sure that you aren’t using outdated version of GPU drivers.

#8 Pillars of Eternity Game Crashes on 32-Bit System
Since Pillars of Eternity uses Unity, there is a high possibility that you may face random crashes especially when you are using a 32-bit OS. It has the same problem as Wasteland 2.

You can go here to know more about it and use the workaround.

#9 Pillars of Eternity Bug – Ranger Animal Companions Getting Stuck
It’s a known bug and if you are facing it, you should try restarting the game from the previous saved game to get around it. Keep in mind that before you re-load previous saved game, you need to restart your game too.

#10 Pillars of Eternity Crash Fix
If your game is crashing either on startup or during the initial screens, you can fix the issue using command prompt.

If you are facing any other issues regarding Pillars of Eternity or have an fix of your own, share with us in the comments below!

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