Phil Spencer: Xbox One X Pre-Orders Will Start Soon, Microsoft Close To Getting The FCC Approval

With Microsoft fully revealing the Xbox One X at E3 2017, fans are waiting to get their hands on the 4K console, however, pre-orders for the Xbox One X are not yet started. Xbox head Phil Spencer recently revealed that the console’s delay rumors are false and now Spencer has revealed that the pre-orders will start soon.

While replying to a fan on Twitter, Phil Spencer revealed that the company is very close to getting the FCC approval for Xbox One X and fans will not have to wait much longer to pre-order the console. For those who don’t know, every electronic device sold in the United States needs to get an FCC approval which also includes the consoles.

However, applying for FCC rating might lead to an advanced leak and that is why the companies apply after they reveal their product.

While the pre-orders for the Xbox One X are yet to go live but, there is a rumor making rounds on the internet that suggests Microsoft is already considering a successor to Xbox One X. According to the report, the successor to Xbox One X will not come out in the next two years since it will be too early.

The report further suggests that as far as Microsoft is concerned there are no more ‘generations’, meaning a ‘next generation’ Xbox like it has previously been will never happen in future at least not from Microsoft.

Furthermore, Microsoft has confirmed that it is focusing its VR/AR efforts on PC instead of Xbox One X. According to Microsoft general manager Dave McCarthy, Microsoft is intentionally focussing on PC for VR and AR.


Our focus right now is admittedly on the PC space. So we look at Windows 10, we see an open ecosystem for developers. We see a huge installed base of half a billion monthly active devices on Windows 10. And we say that feels like the right area of focus right now [for VR/AR].

Xbox One X will available on November 7, 2017, in the US and will be priced at $499.

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