Phil Spencer: Microsoft Won’t Develop a Handheld, Focus is On Existing Mobile Devices

Phil Spencer has revealed that Microsoft has no interest in developing a handheld device for gaming, They are focused on existing platforms.

Many have wondered why Microsoft hasn’t yet released a dedicated handheld gaming device. Well, Phil Spencer has provided us with an answer to that question.

According to Phil, Microsoft isn’t interested in developing a dedicated handheld platform for gamers. Instead, they are focusing on existing mobile devices and bring Xbox experience to them.

He further said that purchasing Mojang and MineCraft is the result of Microsoft’s focus on existing mobile devices.

For us, I think we move on to look at mobiles and one of the things we’ve done in this direction last year was the acquisition of Minecraft. One of the things that motivated us is how it (Minecraft) is performing on mobile devices. I think that for us it is more advantageous to focus on mobile devices that people already have and bring the Xbox experience to these devices..

Business wise, this isn’t a bad move. Handheld market is tough especially for dedicated machines.It is a smart way to go that involves lesser risk and better chances for success.

Do you think Microsoft’s approach to handheld devices is correct? Or do you feel MS should work on a dedicated machine like PlayStation Vita and 3DS?

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