Phil Spencer Denies Silent Hills Rumor

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now responded to yesterday’s rumor about Microsoft bidding to get Silent Hills as an exclusive title for the Xbox One.

Replying to the question on Twitter, he said “Sorry, this isn’t true. Not sure where the rumor started but I don’t want to mislead anyone.”

According to the rumor, Microsoft had been in talks with Konami for a while now. The company was said to be trying its best to finalize the deal so as to make the surprise announcement at E3 2015.

The rumor further stated that the deal should see to the switching of a billion in currency. Whether or not Silent Hills is 80 percent complete, if Microsoft was to achieve the game for its own platform, Xbox One owners would get to play it by March 2016.

With Spencer’s denial, though, it seems the rumor was indeed false. No surprise there. The part about Microsoft spending a billion to get the game on board was a bit of a stretch. No matter how big of a marketing weapon it would have turned out to be, I don’t see a Silent Hill title be worth that much money.

Source Twitter

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