Rumour: From Software Working On a PS4 Exclusive New IP “Phantom Wail”, No Bloodborne 2 At E3 2017

For past couple of months, rumours have been popping up on the internet suggesting that From Software will reveal Bloodborne 2 at E3 2017. However, a new rumour has made its way on the internet suggesting that From Software is working on a brand new IP, Phantom Wail, instead of a Bloodborne sequel.

The rumour comes from Reddit user, HellaciousHutch, who claims that the rumour comes from a reliable source. According to the report, From Software will reveal its new IP, Phantom Wail, at E3 2017 and it will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive title. Furthermore, the game will focus on “hand-to-hand combat techniques and martial art styles”.

According to the report, Phantom Wail will be “Souls-like, dark fantasy” game and is a collaboration between From Software and Sony Japan. However, since it is just a rumour, take it as a grain of salt until the studio officially announces it.

Some brief information, since it’s just a “rumor” from a supposed notorious and accurate “leaker”.
–Ancient Aztec/Mayan/tribal aesthetic.
–Emphasis on hand-to-hand combat techniques and “martial art styles”.
–Traditional melee weapons still in (i.e. clubs), but they won’t have a major focus; weapon-based movesets are gone.
–Instead, players will customize and personalize their hand-to-hand movesets and fighting styles, there is customization for weapon fighting styles as well, however. (This kinda-sorta sounds like Nioh to me, with the weapon skill trees and such, just my personal opinion).
–Is the “Souls-like, dark fantasy, familiar” game Miyazaki mentioned when interviewed about the future of From Software. Armored Core and a “strange for From Software” game were the other 2 mentioned.
–Collaboration between Sony Japan and From Software (it’s the Sony exclusive title).

It would certainly be interesting see a new IP from Dark Souls developer that focuses on hand-to-hand combat instead of weapons.

Source: Reddit

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