PES 2019 vs FIFA 19 Gameplay And Graphical Comparison, Which Is Better?

FIFA and PES are two competitors in the soccer simulation games and with FIFA 19 coming later this month and PES 2019 already out, let’s do a PES 2019 vs FIFA 19 graphical and gameplay comparison and see which one is better.

As you can see in the video below, courtesy of xboxmedien, the PES 2019 vs FIFA 19 comparison reveals a number of differences between the two titles.

Graphically speaking, PES 2019 looks much better compared to FIFA 19 overall as the latter one looks stripped of many graphical features compared to the former. Also, the grass also looks much better in PES 2019 than in FIFA 19.

However, since FIFA 19 hasn’t released yet and there is no way telling on which machine the comparison is being made, there is a chance that the final version of FIFA 19 will improve.

In terms of gameplay, the PES 2019 vs FIFA 19 comparison reveals a number of differences between the two games. However, every player has a preference of his/her own so I won’t be making a judgment here.

Speaking of FIFA 19, a leak has made its way on the internet revealing list of players with 5-star skills. The list includes Mbappé, Marcelo, Bernardeschi and more.

Furthermore, before the game releases later this month a trial will be available on September 20, 2018, for players to play and decide if they like the game. However, the FIFA 19 trial will only be available to EA access subscribers.

While EA hasn’t announced yet but a new game mode, House Rules, has been spotted. According to the report, this game mode will feature 11 vs 11 matches and with every goal, the team will lose a player. The team that scores the most goals and loses the most players will win.

FIFA 19 is a soccer simulator is development at EA Sports and is scheduled to launch on September 28, 2018, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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