PES 2019 Leak: Huge Addition Of Licensed Leagues And Release Date

A recent PES 2019 Leak seems to suggest that there is a huge addition, of licensed leagues in the upcoming game. Alongside this licensed leagues news.

Recently an information regarding Pro evolution 2019 got leaked and what it has revealed is really interesting. According to this PES 2019 Leak, there is apparently a huge addition of licensed leagues in the upcoming game.

The leak was for discovered through a Hong Kong PlayStation Store which briefly listed PES 2019 with a release date of 30th August. Now the listing has been removed.

Furthermore, on the cover of the Legend Edition, there was an image of David Beckham from his England days. The most interesting part is that the store description listed new features, with a short description “Huge addition of licensed leagues.”

For the PES community, this is a big news, they have been looking forward to such addition for quite some time. Since Konami lost coveted Champions League licenses, this addition suggests a renewed effort on their part.

According to this PES 2019 Leak, there are 11 new skill traits with improved shooting and you will also observe that stamina has an impact with, visible fatigue.

Since these are just leaks, and you know how leaks sometimes turn out to be. So we suggest you hold the speculation process for now. Until we hear an official announcement, from the developers regarding these licensed leagues.

With all that said, PES is among the expected list of the current-gen titles which we might be able to see on PlayStation 5.

Although there is a big might, still speculating with a little optimism, we like to think there is a possibility.

PS5 is expected to roll out sometime in 2020, there is a huge possibility of a few games that just may also roll out on the console.

We have annual releases like, Call of Duty, FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, NBA and Madden which should be released sometime close to the PS5 launch. Provided PS5 also launches as the expectations suggest.

That said, are you excited for the addition of licensed leagues based on the recent PES 2019 Leak? Let us know in the comments.