Persona 5 Confirmed for 2015 North American Release

Atlas have confirmed that Persona 5 will release in North America in 2015. Europe may have a little more time to wait until a date is confirmed.

Looks like we have some good news for Persona fans in the west. It looks like for North America at least, Persona 5 has been confirmed as a 2015 release. Europe still has no official date yet.

While speaking to God Is A Geek, John Hardin of Atlus USA confirmed the plans for the North American release, though not as specific as some may have wanted:

“The only thing I can confirm for Persona 5 is 2015,”

When talking about the European release, he had this to say:

“we are trying to get publishers locked in for our titles in EU and will announce things when they are locked in.”

While the uncertain answer for Europe may disappoint many, it does mean that they are working on a release soon. With the somewhat patchy release schedules that can occur because of the localisation of the games, releases can come months apart, and sometimes even longer. Obviously this is something that fans will be hoping doesn’t occur with this release.

If the release date for Europe follows the North American plans and it is announced as 2015 then this means that the release will not be far off.  Of course these dates can change, but obviously Hardin would not make this statement unless he was confident on getting it released.

With Atlas appearing to want to ease the fans worry about release dates, it is obvious that Persona 5 is not far off now for everybody. Hopefully soon we’ll get a confirmed day of release so we know when it is actually coming, and can stop worrying about just when it will be heading our way.


Are you looking forward to the release of Persona 5? Let us know your thoughts below.

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