How To Get The Triangular Sword In Persona 3

One of Elizabeth requests in Persona 3 requires you to get the Triangular Sword for her. After finding the sword you must take it back to...

In Persona 3, you will find a lot of requests from Elizabeth that you can complete to get yourself some rewards. One of these requests requires you to get the Triangular Sword in Persona 3 Portable. If you’ve completed the main quests, we would highly recommend you play the side quests.

These side quests will reward you with different items, including many powerful swords. Follow this guide to get a Triangular sword in Persona 3.

Persona 3 Portable Triangular Sword location

As mentioned earlier, it is one of Elizabeth’s requests. You can only choose up to three requests at a time to complete in Persona 3.

The Triangular sword quest becomes available to you on 10th May. On your game calendar, note the date of 26th May, Tuesday. This is the day you meet Mitsuru Kirijio for the first time after the class at the Gekkoukan High School.

In the evening, talk to Mitsuru to ask him for the Triangular sword in Persona 3. This sword will have a blade in a triangular shape. Once you get this Fencing Epee from Mitsuru, give it to Elizabeth. She will reward you with Bulletproof Vest. Remember the deadline for this quest is 6th June.

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