How To Find The Command Room In Persona 3

In Persona 3, there is a very confusing part in the gameplay where players are left with their heads scratching when asked to find the Command Room. This happens in the Iwatodai Dormitory, where players often visit to rest.

But, on the evening of 5/11, when you visit the First Floor Lounge, you will meet Yukari. Yukari will tell you that Mitsuru-Senpai told her that the Command Room equipment isn’t working and needs one of us to fix it.

From here, the players started searching for the command room but couldn’t find it. Now you must be thinking, where is the Persona 3 Portable Command Room? Here in this guide, we will help you locate the Persona 3 Command Room location and fix the equipment.

Persona 3 Command Room location

The first thing the player needs to remember is that the Command Room doesn’t exist in the game. But then, how will you complete that objective? Well, the game has a Meeting Room which is actually the command room that you need to visit in Persona 3.

To find the location of the Meeting Room, head upstairs to the 4th floor. On your right side, you will find a double door. That is the entrance to the Meeting Room.

Enter the Meeting Room, and you will find a big hall with sofas in the middle, bookshelves on the wall, and a console on your left side.


Now, you don’t need to fix any equipment there. Just interact with the console and play a recording. You don’t have to do anything else here. Right when the recording ends, your objective will complete automatically.

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