Persona 3 Best Personas In The Game

Persona 3 keeps you intrigued and interested in the game with its fighting mechanisms, mystery-murder findings, and making up social links with other characters. It is the first game to bring the persona series to the spotlight. In Persona 3, you can also collect entities called “Personas,” which you can receive in the playthrough and use their unique abilities in battles.

This guide will cover some of the best Personas in the game that you may consider to help you win in any situation.

Best Personas in Persona 3

It is quite possible to use any persona in its basic form. Some of them can even compete with the ultimate ones. However, we recommend fusing personas with others to get maximum benefits and abilities from the persona.

Following are some of the best Personas you can get in P3P:


Thanatos is the ultimate persona from the Death Arcana. You get access to Alice’s Die for Me! Skill, which is her signature skill. This skill provides a high chance of immediately eliminating all the enemies fighting with you.

Arcana: Death (Lvl 64)


Fusion: Alice + Mot + Samael + Loa + Pale Rider + Ghoul

Notable Skills

  • Ghastly Wail: Kill all the enemies inflicted with fear on the spot.
  • Megidola: Deals almighty damage to all the enemies.
  • 1hSwd Master: Automatically doubles the effect of damage of swords.
  • Brave Blade: Deals severe Slash damage to a single enemy.


A very charming persona, which belongs to the Fortune Arcana. She is considered the fate goddess in Norse mythology. The wind is her more vital point, and this ability damages a single enemy or all of the enemies, given the game’s situation. She also has excellent magic stat, which can be further buffed at the Arcane machine.

Arcana: Fortune (level 62)

Fusion: Cloth + Lachesis + Atropos.

Notable Skills

  • Panta Rhei: The most potent single-target Wind skill in Persona 3.
  • Amrita Drop: One ally from your team can receive all kinds of non-ailment cures from this ability.
  • Ziodyne: An electricity skill that deals heavy electric damage to one of the foes.


He is the God of destruction in Hindu mythology. Shiva provides you with extremely powerful physical attack abilities. In fact, he is the strongest physical attacker in the game. Although he is not the ultimate persona of this particular arcana. His first two turns feature a Tandava attack that deals explosive Almighty damage and drops the defense power of enemies.

Arcana: Tower

Notable Skills

  • Paralaya: Has a 50% crit chance, and hits every single enemy.
  • Enduring Soul: Protects you from random defeats, as it stops you from dying by one-hit attacks.
  • Hades Blast: This potent skill enables you to physically damage three enemies at once with a powerful sword attack.


One of the best personas in the game is Helel. Although he is tough to get, as he is available at level 88, it can be worth it to try having this persona in your access. Helel possesses huge pierce damage as well as damages all the enemies with fire.

Arcana: Star

Fusion: Satan + Anubis + Asura

Notable Skills

  • Mind Charge: Doubles the effect of magic attacks.
  • Morning Star (level 91): One of the strongest almighty damage skills, deals extensive damage to all of the foes.
  • Salvation (level 94): Heals the HP of whole team members.
  • Repel Ice from Arahabaki
  • Spell Master from Satan


As the name suggests, your character’s survival ability can be substantially increased if you use the Messiah persona in the game. Messiah not only restores the SP and HP of the character after each battle but also drains health from incoming pierce attacks. He is in a sense a complete healing package for you and all your party members.

Arcana: Judgement (level 90)

Fusion: Orpheus + Thanatos

Notable Skills

  • God’s Hand: A strike-type ability, that deals high physical damage to a single enemy.
  • Regenerate 3: Every turn in the fight, it restores an amount of your HP.
  • Invigorate 3 (level 94): Equipping it enables you to recover a chunk of your health points,
  • Salvation (level 93)
  • Enduring Soul (level 97)


Metatron is one of the very few personas in persona 3, which has both the Almighty damage ability as well as the strongest almighty move there exists. It reflects all types of Fire, ice, and electric attacks, leading to nearly no vulnerabilities left for your character.

Arcana: Aeon

Fusion: Michael + Gabriel + Uriel + Raphael

Notable Skills

  • Repel Elec: This skill can reflect Electric skills and save you from them.
  • God’s Hand
  • Repel Ice (level 91)
  • Repel Fire (level 93)
  • Samsara: Al light based insta-kill ability. It is very useful in battles.
  • Repel Dark from Gabriel

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