How To Find A Beautiful Tile In Persona 3

If you are playing Persona 3 portable, you will notice a request in which Elizabeth will ask you find a beautiful tile for her...

If you are playing Persona 3 Portable, you will notice some requests popping up on your window. These are Velvet Room requests that Elizabeth is asking you to do. Out of 80 requests, finding a beautiful tile is request #31 in Persona 3. Completing these requests will get you some rewards. 

Go through the guide below and learn where to find beautiful tile in P3 Portable and how to get it. 

Persona 3 Beautiful Tile request

Before starting the beautiful tile side quest in Persona 3, you must complete request number #28, where Elizabeth asks you for a drink with her name. Once that request is complete, you can take the beautiful tile request in Persona 3.

Getting a beautiful tile is easy; head to the station. Go to the back alley of the station, and you will see an entrance to the building (Mahjong Club). Head inside, and you will be asked to play rock, paper, and scissors with a stranger in Persona 3.

It is hard to win, but it is a game of luck so it might take some time. You will have to play until you win. Once you have won the game, you will be given Mahjong tile as a reward for winning the game. Bring this tile back to Elizabeth to get a summer outfit for Akhiko

This request will unlock request #38 for you in Persona 3. You have to give Elizabeth some Sushi to try in Persona 3.

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