People Are Putting Nintendo Switch Cartridges In their Mouths, THEY DO NOT TASTE GOOD!

Want to know what happens when you put Nintendo Switch cartridges in your mouth? Do not try this at home kids.

Writing that headline felt weird; “People Are Putting Nintendo Switch Cartridges in their Mouths.” One has to wonder why would anyone do that? Well, people are trying it out probably to taste the nostalgia of blowing into the NES cartridges to make them work.

I remember new NES cartridges had a very pleasant smell and they weren’t made of cheap plastic. Sadly that can not be sad for Nintendo Switch cartridges. They have a horrible taste so kids would learn their lesson after getting it anywhere near their mouths.

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And this one makes a valid point.

It is not recommended that you get that thing anywhere near your mouth. We don’t know what materials are used to develop and it why it tastes so bad. Be careful and Do NOT Try This At Home.

Nintendo Switch is releasing on March 3 for $299 alongside the following launch titles.

Fast RMX
Just Dance 2017
Human Resource Machine
I Am Setsuna
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Little Inferno
Shovel Knight
Skylanders: Imaginators
Super Bomberman R
World of Goo

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