Obsidian Entertainment Artist Teases Pentiment Reveal for June 12

It seems like that Obsidian Entertainment's Pentiment game reveal is going to happen at Xbox & Bethesda showcase on June 12.

We know that Obsidian Entertainment is working on multiple titles for Xbox and PC. Apart from Avowed, The Outer Worlds 2 and Grounded, they also have a small mystery title, Pentiment in development. From what we have heard so far, Pentiment is a murder-mystery RPG being developed by a small team at Obsidian.

While we know that Pentiment exists, it hasn’t been officially revealed yet. Now, it seems like that we will finally be able to see it in action at Xbox & Bethesda Game Studios showcase on June 12. One of the artists at Obsidian shared this tweet on Twitter:

Since her profile mentions an unannounced project, it can only be about Pentiment as the other games by Obsidian Entertainment have already been announced. Furthermore, Josh Sawyer, director at Obsidian and most probably the lead on Pentiment also commenting on the tweet further laments the fact that the concept artist is talking about Pentiment.

After the announcement of delays of Starfield and Redfall, Microsoft have received some criticism from the fans as Xbox now apparently don’t have many games for 2022. However, Microsoft will be looking to change this notion at Xbox & Bethesda showcase on June 12 with new games announcements. We are expecting Pentiment reveal to be one of them. Avowed could be game that could release in 2022 however, nothing has been confirmed yet.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has already done a good State of Play event with some impressive reveals and now fans are hoping the same from Xbox & Bethesda showcase. Microsoft now has a lot of first party studios working on games for Xbox and PC. We haven’t definitely seen or heard everything yet so fans can definitely expect some surprises.

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