PC Version of Catherine Teased On Bayonetta Steam Page, Just Says “Baa”

A possible PC version of Catherine, possibly even Catherine: Full Body, has been teased on the Bayonetta Steam Page's news section.

Bayonetta’s Steam page on the PC has been used to apparently tease a PC version of Catherine today, as the Steam page was recently altered to simply say “Baa” and include a picture of a sheep. The page had previously been used to tease a PC version of Vanquish, which later appeared.

Catherine is a rather sizable departure from games like Bayonetta or Vanquish, mainly being a puzzle game slash dating simulator that puts you in the role of Vincent, a man who finds himself torn over the possibility of marriage to his longtime girlfriend Katherine. At the same time, he finds himself tempted by a young, bubbly, and much more sultry young woman named Catherine, and is also tormented by nightmares of climbing endless sets of cubes to escape being eaten by a monster.

Catherine is going to be given a remaster treatment in February of this year, under the title of Catherine: Full Body, and now it’s likely that we’ll be getting the same version on the PC. Full Body Edition isn’t just a straight up remaster either, but is also going to be adding a third female character, adding in a third route to the game’s story.

While there’s no indication of when exactly a PC version of Catherine will be released, the teasing on the Bayonetta Steam page’s news section will hopefully turn out to be correct, especially since there’s no other game that involves sheep to such a degree that would be promoted by Platinum. Catherine was originally developed by Atlus, but there’s still no reason that Platinum shouldn’t promote Catherine and Atlus.

Either way, Catherine: Full Body will be coming to the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita on Valentine’s Day, but those are only in Japan. So far, there’s no indication of a release date in the West.

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