PC Games on Xbox Won’t Impact Xbox One’s Value, “Team is Committed”

According to Phil Spencer, Xbox games for PC aren't going to impact the value of Xbox One.

Over a past couple of days fans have been worried about the direction Microsoft is taking with its gaming division. With Windows 10, Xbox and Microsoft’s popular OS have come closer like never before.

Many Xbox games are heading to Windows 10 as well, which is great news for PC users but Xbox fans aren’t too happy about it. Many concerns were raised, one of which was regarding the value of Xbox One and why fans shouldn’t just move to PC.

According to Phil Spencer, Xbox games coming to PC won’t impact the value of Xbox One. He said that the team at Xbox is committed to making Xbox One the best console gaming experience out there, an experience that can justify your purchase.

He also added that a larger gaming community, more games and choices are key reasons for staying with Xbox One. However, many PC gamers would disagree with all three of these points.

Moreover, one of the goals for Microsoft is now to make more PC developers create games for Xbox. One example is Ark: Survival Evolved.

On the other hand, PC gamers are getting ReCore. Announced at E3, ReCore was supposed to be an Xbox One exclusive but according to the latest news regarding ReCore, it will release on PC which now makes it a Microsoft exclusive rather than Xbox.

Do you think Microsoft can successfully penetrate the PC gaming market with Xbox games? And will they be able to manage Xbox One’s value in the meantime? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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