How To Authenticate Payday 3 VIP Invitation In Rock The Cradle

To enter the Payday 3, Rock the Cradle VIP area, you need an authenticated Invitation.

Rock the Cradle is one of the eight heists of Payday 3 that revolves around Neon Cradle Nightclub. During the Rock the Cradle heist, you must find the VIP invitation in Payday 3 and authenticate it to enter the VIP area. Entering that area is essential for completing the heist. I will brief you on how to get the VIP invitations in Payday 3. Furthermore, I will also explain the process of authenticating VIP invitations.

How to get the VIP Invitation in Payday 3 Rock the Cradle

To get the VIP Invitation, you must first make your way up by taking the stairs and then get to the back of the DJ, and you will find Rifkin’s Office. Lockpick your way inside by keeping the camera and patrolling guard position in your mind.

Once you enter the office, you must hack the Rifkin’s phone to get the invitation card in the glass. You can find her at the door beside the VIP Area front entrance and sometimes while entering her office. She also goes outside for Smoking breaks or into the bathroom. Keep yourself near her as you hack her phone.

Wait for the green bar to fill up; this will let you know you have successfully hacked the phone. This will get you the digital key for the VIP Invitation Card. Return to her office and scan the QR code to get the VIP Invitation in Payday 3 Rock the Cradle Heist.

How to Authenticate VIP Invitations

To authenticate the VIP Invitation card in Payday 3 Rock the Cradle, you must find a computer. The computer is on one of the tables in the reserved area that you can access by taking the stairway. You can even find it at the entrance of the reserved area as well and lastly in the Staff Break room area.

The location can vary each time you play Rock the Cradle Heist in Payday 3. The reserved area is guarded heavily by cameras and patrolling guards. Take your time locating the computer, as it is challenging to move around it swiftly.


Once you find the computer, place the card on the table and interact with it. The computer takes a few seconds to write data on the blank VIP Invitation card. After that, pick up the VIP Invitation Card and head down to the VIP area; the bouncer will let you into the VIP Area without trouble.

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