How To Find Payday 3 Tutorial Door Code

In the Payday 3 Detection heist, you can find the Tutorial Door Code easily if you know where to look.

Payday 3 includes Detection Heist, which lets you try more advanced stealth training. This later includes a hindering objective of entering the Payday 3 Tutorial Door code. The detection heist goes over polishing your skills to evade cameras and guards effectively without being caught in Payday 3.

I will tell you how to find the Tutorial Door code during the Detection heist.

Payday 3 Tutorial Door code Location

As you remove the guard, you will come across the Tutorial Door asking you for a code. You can look at the pressed keys on the lock by your UV light and try all the combinations to test your luck. However, there is a workaround, as you can find the code to the Tutorial Code at a possible location nearby.

Take a few steps back and enter the toilet by unlocking the door in Payday 3. You will find a vent inside the toilet area to get through it. It will take a few seconds to open the vent. After getting into the vent, hop onto the boxes, and you will find another vent.

Open it as well. As you open it, you will find the Payday 3 Tutorial Door code displayed on the screen.

Unlock the room’s door to return to the Tutorial Door, and then enter the Displayed code to unlock the Door in Detection Heist.

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