Can you play Payday 3 split-screen? 

Split-screen is a hallmark of coop gaming where you and a friend can play on the same console sitting together. Unfortunately, in Payday 3, that option is not available.

Payday 3 is a first-person role-playing coop game developed by Starbreeze Studios. Since it is a sequel to Payday 2, you will continue where you end it. Like Payday 2, Payday 3 involves several heists while progressing the story of your gang members. And all good heists are best experienced with a friend. So the question is, can you play Payday 3 in split-screen?

Split-screen is essentially a form of couch coop mode where the game divides the screen in two. You are assigned one half where you play with your character, and your friend gets the other half. Payday 3 does allow you to play online coop, but it is unclear if you can play in split-screen mode.

Is split-screen possible in Payday 3? 

Unfortunately, Payday 3 is not counted among those games that support split screens. The only way to play with your friends is through online co-op. This means you cannot share the screen with your friends in multiplayer mode.  

You will be connected to a server regardless of whether you are playing solo or multiplayer. Since in multiplayer mode, you and your friends are connected to different servers, it is not possible on a split screen.  

Payday 3 allows you to cross-play and cross-progression to compensate for not having split screens. With the inclusion of cross-play in Payday 3, you can play with your friends even if you are using different platforms, which many other games do not support. 

However, you cannot do split-screen on the same console, on the same screen.

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