Payday 3: Gold And Sharke Blue Keycard Location

The Blue Keycard in Payday 3 Gold and Sharke heist allows you to follow the stealth Method.

Like any other heist, If you want to follow the stealth method for the Gold and Sharke, you need to get a Blue Keycard in Payday 3. The Gold and Sharke mission is one of those missions that will earn you a lot of money if you complete them successfully in Payday 3.

You must accomplish the arduous task of securing the Red Keycard first. You will be able to find it on the first floor. After getting there, you will have to find an office in particular, which will happen to be the Assistant Manager’s room in Payday 3.

After locating it, you must enter undetected and go directly towards the drawers. In total, there will be sixteen of these. You must wait for the assistant manager to turn his back towards you. Then you can check each of these drawers, and surely you will be able to find a Red Keycard with relative ease in one of them.

Remember that this item is essential as you must scan it at the Golden Gate to access the second floor, where you will find the Blue Keycard in Payday 3 Gold and Sharke.

How to get Gold and Sharke Blue keycard in Payday 3

Once you have access to the upper area, by getting the Red Keycard first in Payday 3, you will need to check a specific NPC. That will happen to be the Bank Manager, whom you can find easily as he will be wearing a Dark grey/black suit and strolling around in that area.

After identifying him, you must sneak up on him and steal the Blue Keycard from his belt during the Gold and Sharke mission. He will be present on the far right near the sofa, and in your case, he can pretty much wander around anywhere on that specific floor (Floor 2).

Once you find him, sneak up behind him and press F to pick up the Payday 3 Blue Keycard from his belt without being seen. Also, it would be best if you were extra careful as cameras are in all the corner areas of this floor that can easily spot you stealing the keycard and alert security.

Moreover, if you cannot loot the blue keycard from this individual, you can enter the large common room on the left side of the stairs in Payday 3. There are often chances that you may find a Blue Keycard lying around on one of the tables present there. Similarly, this keycard can also spawn in the corner offices, but be careful as there will be a guard in that area.

Where to use the Blue Keycard

Keycards, in particular, can serve many valuable purposes in unlocking specific areas and turning off security systems. In the case of the Payday 3 Gold and Sharke mission, you can use the blue keycard later in de-activating the security systems.

To find this specific room, you must cross the bank’s first vault door. This will require you to find the four possible codes in Payday 3. This objective can be accomplished by completing all the tasks on Floor 2 in Payday 3. After that, you can open the first vault door and proceed to the room on your right side.

If you are playing on higher difficulty, you might find a single guard present there. You can deal with him and then cut off the live security feed to disable the security cameras inside the bank. After that, you can continue inwards with completing the Gold and Sharke heist without the fear of being spotted by the cameras in Payday 3.

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