How To Earn Money Fast In Payday 3

You can opt for different methods, including the heists, to earn money fast in Payday 3.

You must devise effective ways to earn money fast in Payday 3, as completing specific missions (challenges) can easily stack you a good amount. This way, you can invest in buying better weapons, equipment, and other items that may benefit you more during your heist missions.

You have reached the right spot if you want to make some serious cash in Payday 3. Luckily, I have a few missions in this guide that will have those dollar signs rolling in. Read on to discover how to earn money fast.

Ways to Get Money quickly in Payday 3

You can exploit specific ways to earn fast cash in Payday 3. You can use any of the following, for that matter.

Complete Heists

You can complete heists multiple times over and over again in Payday 3. Make sure to grind through that heist, which is more rewarding in terms of money.

Loot Everything


You must loot everything that comes into view during a heist mission, given that you also have the time for it. This way, you can often come across certain places or objects like the manager’s desk, etc., where you will be lucky enough to find some extra cash in Payday 3.

Tackle Challenges

Tackling challenges is an excellent way to test whether you are playing solo or being accompanied by a party member. This way, you can compete in different scenarios, which may also be easy missions in some cases. It’s always good to tackle challenges as these can earn you a reasonable sum of money quickly.

Play at higher difficulties

Amongst all the ways described above, this is probably the most efficient way to earn more cash in Payday 3. If you have mastered playing at lower difficulty, you should go for the higher one as this way, the heist you end up completing will be more rewarding, not just in terms of XP but money as well.

Best Heists to Make Money Fast in Payday 3

You will be spending a lot of time completing various heists; you must be smart about choosing the ones that will pay you more.

Sometimes, you will fly in solo and need a quick boost to your bank account. You can play the following mission to farm money fast in Payday 3.

1. Road Rage

The best part about the Road Rage mission is that no stealth is required in completing this challenge, and you can go out guns blazing. It is about stealing money and electrical components from an armored vehicle (Truck).

This gem of a mission will have you earning anywhere from $200,000 to $500,000 on normal difficulty, which you can quickly salvage in Payday 3.

Moreover, if you are up to the challenge, you can raise the difficulty bar and rake in a whopping $850,000. Lastly, it’s a beginner-friendly mission, so even if you are new to the game, you will have a blast and rack up a solid amount of money fast in Payday 3.

2. Gold and Sharke

If you are in the mood for doing more dangerous heists, give Gold and Sharke bank heists a shot. It will take you some time (approximately 35 to 40 minutes) to complete, but the money you gain from here will be fast and worth it in Payday 3.

Step the difficulty up a notch on Overkill, and you can pocket up to a jaw-dropping 1.3 million dollars. However, it would be best to remember that this one requires a bit of stealth, so make sure you are up to the challenge.

3. Rock the Cradle

You can always try the mission Rock the Cradle heist in Payday 3. By completing it, you can earn from $100,000 up to $600,000.

Similarly, you can get 99 boxes, which can net you $300,000 to $600,000, making it a solid way to earn money. Both of these missions are perfect for beginners and shouldn’t take more than 25 min to complete, making it an easy route for you as well.

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