Payday 2 Rats Heist Guide Walkthrough Guide – Pro, Stealth and Overkill

How to complete Payday 2 Rats heist for For, Stealth and Overkill methods.

It seems that Payday 2 has taken some inspiration from Breaking Bad, as the Rats heist involves your crew cooking up meth. Though you probably won’t be doing it with as much detail as in real-life or even the show, it’s going to be quite hectic.

Contractor Hector wants you to cook up some meth and provide it to a rival gang in exchange for some information, which would hopefully lead to his enemies who are attempting to flee Washington D.C. Hector doesn’t want them to flee, so he’s asking you to make sure you get the information as quickly as possible.

Payday 2 Rats Heist Walkthrough

The Rats heist is considered by many to be one of the most difficult and demanding heist in the game. This is primarily due to the grueling first day. We’ll cut down to the chase and show you how to complete the heist, and what consequences certain choices can have on other days of the mission.

Day #1

The first day of the heist is probably the hardest. You’ll start off outside a building that belongs to Mendoza. It also happens to house the meth lab. You’re initial objective is to get into the building and make the cooks create the meth required for the deal. Sounds simple enough right? It certainly is, until the gang members execute the cooks and decide to fight you off.

Now you’ve got a real problem on your hand. Not only will you have to kill the gang members, you’ll also have to fend off the incoming police, while simultaneously cooking the meth yourself! The problem is you or your crew don’t know how to cook meth. Or do you *suspicious glare*?

Either way, Bain’s going to be giving you step-by-step instructions on how to create the amphetamine.


The chemicals are Caustic Soda, Muriatic Acid, and Hydrogen Chloride, and can be found in the basement of the building, in the bathroom underneath the stairs, the sheds outside, or in the pickup truck parked nearby.

Bane will often mess up in his instructions, so make sure you wait for him to correct himself and clarify the ingredients. If you use the incorrect chemical at a given time, you could make the lab explode, downing any player near it and setting the second story on fire.

You need to cook up at least three bags of meth for a successful Day 2, but if you can cook more than that, every additional bag will be replaced with a bag of cash.

The real problem is that you’ll have to fend off the gang members and the police while cooking the meth. Have a couple of guys cooking the meth, preferably the lesser battle-ready, while the rest fend off enemies (you’ll certainly need an Enforcer or two).

Once you’ve cooked up the amount of meth you can (remember, no less than three bags), get to the extraction van and make your escape. Now, it’s time for a weird Day 2.

Day #2

Day 2 can go perfectly fine or completely disastrous depending on various conditions, some of which the player has no control over. Your group will arrive at the territory of a rival gang that has information on the location of Mendoza – the dude Hector wants dead.

The deal could go fine and you could be led safely to the intel (located in a safe), or it could go haywire and end up in a gun fight. Any extra bags above the required three will be exchanged for bags of cash.

There are many factors that can affect the dealing. Below are the ones that will make the deal fail:

  • The group does not have three meth bags
  • Too many players attempt to get the information
  • A player attacks a gangster
  • A player attempts to push past a gangster
  • A player sprints in front of the gangsters (stop! It makes the nervous!)
  • A player is looking down the sights of a weapon
  • The gangsters ambush the players after they place the meth bags on the car
  • The gangsters attack the group while they are in route to the get the info
  • The gangsters attack the group as they are about to get their info
  • Police ambush the group before the trade begins
  • A player takes back a bag of meth once it is traded

If you feel that you can’t pull off a successful deal, you have the option of stealthily sneaking in and taking the intel by yourself. Note that if you are caught, you’ll have to gun your way through to get the intel before they destroy it.

The problem with it going hot is that the intel can be in any of the three buildings, and it will be heavily guarded. So, the best way to get the intel is without shedding blood. The second best way is to do it stealthily.

Once you have the intel, or once it is destroyed, you’ll have to get back to your extraction van. If you’re feeling greedy, you can choose to take back the bags of meth for some extra cash.

Day #3

Day 3 can be very simple or very hard, depending on how cash-hungry you are. You’re dropped off by Alex on a bridge where the FBI are escorting Mendoza and his gang members out of Washington DC.

You have to move down the bridge to the bus, and kill all the members. However, the bus is also has around 12 to 16 bags of cash in it. You can opt to steal these bags and have them extracted by a second helicopter.

The big problem though is that majority of the bags have C4 charges in them, which must disarmed before the bags can be taken, otherwise they’ll destroy the bus.

If you failed in acquiring the intel on Day 2, then you won’t be able to disarm the bombs. If you did manage to get the intel, then your crew will need to move the bags into cover, and get ready for fending off the police assault from both directions (it will come!).

You’ll have to defend yourself and your bag till the extraction helicopter (for the bags) arrives. Throw in the bags, and then get ready to have yourself extracted by Alex.

At any point of the mission, you can retreat to Alex and escape, but if you did get the intel, then you should make it count.

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