Payday 2 Night Club Heist Walkthrough Guide – Pro, Stealth and Overkill

How to complete Payday 2 Night Club Heist in Pro, Stealth and Overkill.

If Jewelry stores and Banks don’t really cut it for you, then one place you might want to consider robbing is a Night Club. Now, what’s so special about a night club, you say?

Well, apparently the manager owes some big-ass cash to some dude. Point is, we don’t really care who the dude is or what the manager looks like; we just want that owed cash, which is so aptly keeping safe in the club.

Payday 2 Nightclub Heist Walkthrough

The Night Club Heist is considered one of the most difficult maps to perform a Stealth Run in, especially on Overkill difficulty. It’s mainly because of the tight layout and the abundance of dancing civilians that may just hear or see you.

Let’s not forget about the randomization of the 5 possible guards either.

Heist Overview

The night club is fairly basic. You’ll have a guard standing outside at the main entrance. There are other entrances, such as windows as well, and you won’t need masks to enter through it. Once you get access to the club, you can check out the central region, where all the civilians are dancing.

At the corner, you’ll have a kitchen with the “Staff Only” sign on top. You don’t need a mask to enter it. There is an area in the back, which usually has the manager. This area is open-ish, and also has an additional room with shelves and crates. This location is where you would probably find the manager.

The manager may have keys to the locker with the cash, but if he doesn’t, some guards (two or three) will be near his location, and one of them will likely have the key. The crate room further leads upstairs through a security-locked door to a fancy area with bookshelves, couches, and desks. This is your manager’s office, and your main objective.

Performing The Heist

So, since Stealth Run is the only type of really challenging run, I’ll be covering it exclusively in this guide.

Basically, you want to start off by going to the kitchen. Once you’ve done that, put your mask on, and access the area where you would find the manager. Make sure you cable tie him, since he has a nasty habit of walking around, and will alert guards. Once you successfully do so, check him for the card keys.

There will probably be a couple of guards that can spawn near the shelves room.

Take them out quietly if you can. If you manage to obtain the keys, access the locked room and go up the stairs. Make sure you take any bodies up with you, since guards will frequently walk in and out of that crate room.

Now, once you are upstairs, the end of the office will have the safe.

This is where things get tricky. Using the drill can have random results. There are times when the civilians sitting in the upper regions of the club might hear the drill. If this happens, then you’re screwed. However, most of the times it should be OK.

If you have the Silent Drill perk as a Technician, then you don’t have to worry about this little problem.

Pick up the money spread on the table and shelf. Now, while the drilling is going on, you should patrol the lower crate area. In the crate area, you may have noticed an adjacent door to the left of the security one that led to the office.

Be very careful since guards tend to come from there.

Sometimes a guard tends to lean and wait right next to it. Take him out to reduce your chances of screwing things up, and make sure to dispose of his body in a safe area. Be careful when you’re doing this though, since the kitchen is immediately to the left, and the cooks might spot you.

You’ll have to repeat this while the drilling is going on.

Basically, it’s a hell lot of waiting and constant patrolling of that crate area. Once the drilling is done, and you’ve cleared out the crate room. Take the money and throw the bags down. Now, you need to take the bags slowly across the place where the DJ is standing. This is the hard part.

At times, the DJ will be dancing around the stage, which will make sneaking past him really tricky.

However, the AI of this game isn’t very smart, so take the chance. Basically you have to throw the bags far enough to make them land on the other side of where the DJ is standing. Now, you need to run across the DJ stage, get down, and run into the safety of the bathroom!

Pulling this off may sound tricky, but you can do it quite easily because of the stupid AI.  It’ll only raise a few question marks, but people will forget once you stay in the bathroom long enough.

If you managed to throw the bags far enough, you can actually grab them through the wall in the bathroom. Weird right? Be careful though, since people might spot you. Now, take each bag to the right stairs from the toilet.

Take them up, and toss them near the window. Now, run around the window area, and grab them through. Next, throw the bags down while on the balcony, and take a leap of faith, jumping down yourself. Hopefully, you won’t injure yourself much.

Once that is done, there really isn’t much to stop you from escaping. Just make sure no one sees you outside, and take the bags to your destination.

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