Payday 2 Free Period Runs Until April 12, Search For Kento Event Begins

Back in 2015, Payday 2’s Overkill Software released the Yakuza Character Pack, which introduced the Japanese gangster Jiro.

Now the studio is offering a Payday 2 free period that runs until April 12, running alongside an event called The Search For Kento, which focuses on Jiro and his search for his son.

Jiro’s 2015 character pack told the story of how he came to America and fell in with the Payday gang: after being abandoned by his parents in his native Japan and joining the Yakuza at a young age, Jiro fell in love with his boss’s daughter, and had a son.

Because of this the gang betrayed him, and after being released from prison and murdering his boss, he came to America to find Kento.

Now, two years after his arrival, he’s apparently found enough leads to give him a fighting chance, which the entire Payday 2 free period will be covering throughout the next week and a bit.

All throughout this period, Overkill Software will be giving out a variety of different discounts, as well. While Payday 2 will be free to play, players can also officially purchase the game and all of its DLC for 75 percent off.

The same is true for the original Payday game, Payday: The Heist, though it’s 90 percent off.

Each of the ten days of the Payday 2 free period will also give out new cosmetic bonuses. These include new masks, armor skins, new weapons, and more.

The end of the event will likely conclude the storyline as well, so if you care about narrative in a game like this you’ll finally be able to find out if Jiro will find his son.

Once again, the Payday 2 free period runs from today until April 12, so in those ten days you can get a good feel for the game and decide if you want to actually buy it or not.