Payday 2 Firestarter Heist Guide – Pro, Stealth and Overkill

How to complete Payday 2 Firestarter Heist for Pro, Stealth and Overkill variants.

Firestarter is provided by Hector which is a 72-hour long heist. Your primary objective is to crush/destroy the enemy gang’s income. The first day of the heist includes stealing some arms; the second day includes a bit of stealth action and hacking into a computer; while the third day is all about getting into a bank.

Payday 2 Firestarter Heist Walkthrough

Successful completing this mission will unlock three achievements/trophies:

  • Lord of the War
  • Guessing Game
  • The First Line

Day 1

During the first day, you are required to go to an airport airdock and steal/destroy the arms there. It’s entirely up to you whether you would like to store the weapons to gain some cash or opt for a quicker option of destroying them.

Airdock can be accessed in a number of ways; we would advise you to take on a more stealthy approach instead of bashing right into it!

Note: There will be two airdocks on the airport and one of them will be having the arms.

You will be dropped on a street with a clear view of the airdock. You escorting van will wait for you near your starting position. In order to get to the airdock, you will have to descend down a hill.


Particularly during this mission, it is relatively easy to avoid encountered by the police as there will be no civilians in the vicinity and none would have a beeper. Just play in a stealthy manner; mostly use silenced weapons and take out everyone in your path. But you should keep this in mind that the cops will be informed if anyone spots you or notices any dead bodies.

Another thing to note here is that you should play in this fashion until you’ve reached the airdock. Once you’re inside it, let them know!

The guns that you will be looking for will be in long black boxes scattered in either of the two airdocks, in some trucks, or very rarely throughout the docks. In order to get the weapons, you will have to open the bag first and then decide whether to keep them or destroy them.

In order to destroy the weapons, look for a long inflammable grey cylinder. Once you have found it; shoot it but make sure to keep your distance. Once the fire is ignited, dispose of the bags with your loot into the fire to burn them along.

Note: Throwing weapons in the fire will also produce a huge explosion. So stay away from the fire or you would be caught into it.
If you plan on stealing the weapons then your best bet is to stay low and avoid detection. Keep on getting the weapons to your escorting van without getting caught and you will complete it in no time!

Day 2

The primary objectives that you’re required to complete on Day 2 are:

  • Go into the server room
  • Drill into the container room
  • Drill your way through the server protection shutters
  • Bring the server to the escorting van
  • Escape

Day 3

The primary objectives that you’re required to do on the last day of this heist include:

  • Go to the vault door
  • Start drilling
  • Inactivate the electrical defenses
  • Break into the vault
  • Position the camera
  • Set the money on fire
  • Pick up the camera
  • Escape

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