PayDay Dev Is Cooking-Up a New Co-Op FPS

If you are a fan of PayDay, get ready for something new and special from its creator. Ulf Andersson, co-founder of Overkill Software and co-creator of PayDay is currently busy cooking-up a new co-op first-person shooter.

The unnamed title is being developed by 10Chambers Collective, Andersson’s new studio. 10Chambers is defined as “An Independent Game Development Studio creating Hardcore FPS Co-Op,” its motto is “Inspire or manipulate? Collaborate or compete? Quality or quantity? In life, friendship and in all things we create, our passion is quality.”

Inspirational stuff but it all comes down to your product. According to Ulf Andersson, this new game will not only allow players to use brute force in combat, but stealth and any other creative ways they see fit to complete the objective.

Lead characters, gameplay details, enemies, platforms, and other information is still MIA. But on their Facebook page, a few images were shared that give a vague idea of what this game might be like.

Note: These images are not from the game, rather, from locations that may inspire in-game content.

In our new game, cooperation will be essential as you progress through the game, the further in you get the more you have to work together.

PayDay was a great game so we are expecting the same level of quality from this project as well. We’ll let you know as soon as 10Chambers shares more about the game.

What are you hoping to see from 10Chambers’ new FPS? Would you like to see some gameplay similarities with PayDay? Let us know in the comments below.

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