Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Gwerm Family Secrets Walkthrough

This walkthrough will help you complete the Gwerm Family Secrets quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. We’ll also discuss how you can enter the secret room in the mansion and its related outcomes

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Gwerm Family Secrets

Gwerm Family Secrets is a quest for Horgus Gwerm. The quest will provide powerful gear and treasure. It also features a choice, which we will discuss the best option of below.

Gwerm Family Mansion

The mission will be given to you by Horgus Gwerm, where he invites you to his mansion and asks that you bring Camellia along with you.

If you accept, the location of Horgus’ mansion is revealed, and you have to journey there.

As you get to Horgus’ mansion, he asks you to get rid of all the ruffians inside his mansion. And once you have done so, signal him from the window so he can come inside safe. This starts a major part of your mission.

Enter the Gwerm Mansion and clear all the enemies on both the first floor and the second floor.

In doing so, you can loot different items in the mansion. Here is a brief guide to the locations of various important items you can find.

In the northeast room with the Abrikandilu, loot the chest for Onion Soup Recipe. In the southeastern space, loot the Sickle of Falteras from the chest.

To the west of the mansion, you will find the stairs to the 2nd floor. Before going upstairs, kill the two Cambions in the room south of the stairs and here, loot the chest to get the Silver Robe.

Get rid of another Abrikandilu in the northwest space and loot the Magic Essence.

In the Northeast room, defeat another Abrikandilu. Here, you will be ambushed by a Babau.

After you defeat both of them, disarm the trap on the chest in the corner before you open it, then loot it to get the Shortbow Code from it.

Once you have defeated all of these enemies, you need to signal Horgus from the window to let him know that the coast is clear, and he can come in.

The Secret Room

After Horgus enters, talk to him, then go to the secret room of Gwerm Mansion. Here, talk to Horgus again. Now, there are two ways you can enter this locked room of the Gwerm mansion.

The first way is if you pass the Perception 9 Check, and here, you can look at the painting and notice that something is off.

Here, Horgus will tell you that he is not the genuine Horgus and that Camellia is his daughter. This will get you 1000G and 460XP.

On the second choice, you can kill Horgus. However, this way you will get no reward and Camellia will leave your party.

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