Patches For Remastered Bioshock And Bioshock 2 Have Worsened The Issues Instead Of Fixing

Earlier today patches for Both Bioshock and Bioshock 2 were released, but they worsened the issues instead of fixing them.

Just today update for the remastered versions of Bioshock and Bioshock 2 were released, which were supposed to fix bugs and glitches and make the overall gameplay smoother. However, in reality that is not the case, as steam users are reporting the games are still infested with bugs and for some reason have gotten even more worse after the patch.

Earlier today patches for both remastered versions of Bioshock And Bioshock 2 were released. According to the patch notes, these patches were supposed to fix numerous issues like giving players FOV options, Mouse button assignments fixes, DX 11 performance improvement, and many more.

Steam users are complaining that these patches have not solved their issues with the games, as the graphical flickering and crashes just keep on happening. According to Steam user “Dr Ian”

Unplayable still. I’ve got every single object on screen flickering, appearing, disappearing, you name it, it’s there/not there.

One steam user, Dragonix, reports that after the patch was installed the objects have started to flicker, and even some doors just disappear while standing in front of them.

Objects are suddenly flickering when walking towards or away from them. Some doors even disappear when standing in front of them (while still not allowing you to walk through). Weapons obstruct a third of your screen because of how close they seem. Was excited when seeing there was an update, sadly the game is unplayable this way.

Another Steam user, stefanstrydom35, reports that after installing the patch the game is not recognizing the mouse and thinks that a Xbox controller is attached when there is none.

It was fine before this update came out! My PC thinks I’m using an xbox controler for some reason, so my mouse does not work. I have played about 70% of bioshock 1 on hard, but after the update it reverted to medium. This will surely affect my achievements. The graphics settings have changed but are worse than before and my gameplay is not as smooth anymore.

We are hopeful that the developers will soon release another update for the games, which will fix these issues instead of creating more of them.

Have you experienced any bug and graphical glitches after the patch for Bioshock The Collection? Let Us know in the comments.

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