Paper Mario The Origami King Ninja Attraction Guide

With the end of Shogun Studios, you enter the sixth level in the Blue Streamer World of Paper Mario: The Origami King. As the name suggests, Paper Mario The Origami King Ninja Attraction is the house of sneaky ninjas. So, lets’ get into the detailed walkthrough.

Paper Mario The Origami King Ninja Attraction

As you start the level, you will see the rock, break it and there will be a toad. There will be a toad up towards the roof too. There is a block on the left as well.

Now you have to enter the next room, you cannot take bobby with you so leave him behind and as you enter the room.

You will hear the voice telling you to find all the hidden ninjas to get to the end from here.

Get to the hallway and you will enter the room where you have to find the ninjas. So, in total there are 7 ninjas, and this is where they are hidden.

  • One will show up by pulling the lever that will be in the closet to your right.
  • At the back of the room is another lever, colored pink, pull it reveal another ninja.
  • While you’re at the closet, go left of it to reveal another one.
  • There are doors to the side, one will be there.
  • One will be in the lantern.
  • One will be in the chest found in the room.
  • There is a sand pile in the middle of room, one will be inside.

Now when you get the ninja from the chest, he will scroll to the background lift, pull him to get the exit from the room. The next room is big but has only six ninjas.

You will see tiles on the floor, walk on them and they will flip and reveal ninjas. We suggest that you quickly go over all the tiles to reveal all the ninjas and then fight them at once, it will be quick and easy.

Now get to the wall panel close to the last window on your right and you will get to a dark area, there is a lever on your right, pull it and ninja will be revealed.

Deal with it and get outside, instead of going to the next building, go to the pond and whack the lantern and you will see a door opens on your left.

This is the maintenance room and you will get a toad under boxes and one in the middle locker. Luigi will be smashed between two gear downstairs, there will be a hole here as well.

Go down and smash the cork with your hammer three times, go up and straighten out the crumpled body of Luigi and he will give you Shogun Studios Master Key.

Get to the next building in ninja house and here you have to find nine ninjas. Here you will have some ninjas in the tiles as previous and some will be in the spikes.

You need to go to the top left corner of the room where there is a bent in the wall and whack it to get the lever and then pull it.

There will be five ninjas in the spikes, get rid of them and then get up the room rafters and go towards the exit.

As you make your way, there will be Scaredy Rats attacking you, Mushroom on your left, a wood piece with ninja and there is another bent in the wall to the right side with another ninja.

There is a treasure chest on the opposite side of the rafters, there are four hidden blocks, as you approach the chest you will see there is no treasure but a ninja.

Go to the gap and you will land on the exit door.

There will be ninja revealed when you close the door, then there is a loose plank where the save block is, hit it and the stairs will form in front of you.

Hit every drawer as it pops open, at the end you will get a treasure. After the treasure, hit the last drawer again for ninja reveal.

Now go upstairs and you will be attacked, as you cannot use the hammer on ninjas, they will easily avoid it, use jump attacks, also try to take one ninja out wit blue magic circle.

Now twist the rings to get the ninjas in line for a jump formation, and here you have two lines.

Defeat them all and then use the magic circle that appears to wipe he face of the thwomp, then walls will start closing, run to the end.

Now you will get the collectible treasure at the end, but for that you must have found all 25 of ninjas in the level.

If you haven’t got all of them, you can go back any time to get all of them.

You will have 1 in first room, 7 in second room, 6 in third room, 9 in fourth room and 2 in last room.

Now after clearing everything, get to the roof outside and jump down the right side and you will find a treasure.

There will be a hole and a treasure chest, in the northeast region where you traded with ninja, as you have master key, so you can open any door anyway.

When you get the treasure chest and see the hole, there appears a door that will get you third sensor tower location.

Inside will be a blue toad, pull it and get the access to new Fax Travel location.

Use the key on house of riddles as well and do the challenge of making the room on left look like the room on right.

You can also go to the Souvenir shop and use the key to open the closet there and reveal a toad.

Now you will have an open shop and you can buy stuff plus get treasure. Your next stop is the Big Sho’ Theatre.


There are only 4 toads in this level:

  • Right at the start, smash the rock to reveal the toad.
  • In the first room, there will be a toad taped to the roof.
  • Another toad will be inside the maintenance room.
  • In the locker on middle, also in the maintenance room.

Not-Bottomless Holes
There are only two holes in this level:

  • Down the maintenance room, close to the gears.
  • There is a hole in the wall, when you are at the rafters, just right of the ladder.

Collectible Treasures
There are three treasures found in this level:

  • One in the last drawers out of all that pops out and become stairs.
  • Given as a reward of revealing all 25 ninjas in the level.
  • Right side of the roof, jump down to get the treasure.

Block Locations
There are six blocks:

  • There is a block behind bushes, on the left side of first building.
  • There is another block on left of the second room inside the building.
  • When you find the chest at the rafters, there will be 4 blocks at the gap between you and chest.

This is all the information and detailed walkthrough of the Ninja Attraction in Paper Mario: The Origami King.