Paper Mario The Origami King Mushroom Island Guide

We have prepared a detailed Paper Mario The Origami King Mushroom Island walkthrough for this level so you don’t miss any minor detail as well as any collectibles across Mushroom Island.

After getting through the Full Moon Island, your next stop in the Purple Streamer levels is the Mushroom Island. It is a very small level and you will get through it quite easily.

Paper Mario The Origami King Mushroom Island

As you start the level, just go to the left tree right at the start and you will reveal a Fire Vellumental Magic Circle.

When you activate the circle, the ice around the house will melt away, so get in the house and there will be a handle on the back of the door.

Use it to get to the backyard and you will find Luigi, chilling. He will give you Diamond Key.

Now Luigi will get on board with you, go to the north now and go down the basement.

Inside will be a book shelf, hammer it and a cutscene will appear. Now fold the Luigi and get on top of him to get launched to the book shelf.

There will be a book with sticker, remove the sticker and a Magic circle will appear. There is also a toad when you peel off the wallpaper at the top left by using 1000 Fold Arms.

Well, basically this is all you have got to do at the Mushroom Island. Now get back to the boat and go to your next destination, Heart Island.

Toad Locations

There a total of three toads at the Mushroom Island:

  • Just to the right of the house, or east of Island is one toad.
  • The other one will be to the left of the house.
  • And the last one will be in the basement when you peel off the wallpaper.

There are no collectibles treasures, Blocks or holes here at the Mushroom Island.

So, this is basically all that you will be doing at the Mushroom Island before you set sail for the next Heart Island.