How To Survive The Cold In Palworld

Cold weather can turn even this cute game into a deadly survival experience.

Surviving the cold weather in Palworld, especially at Night is one of the biggest challenges you will be facing during the early hours of the game. However, thanks to the robust crafting mechanics, you can make different tools and items to help you survive extreme temperatures in Palworld.

There are different ways that you can use as a beginner to survive the cold in Palworld, and I will be discussing all of these in this particular guide.

How to keep yourself warm in Palworld

In order to keep yourself warm, you will need to stick to the basic survival instincts. These will include gathering enough wood to build a Campfire at your base to keep yourself warm in Palworld, as the temperature at night can drop drastically, resulting in you losing health (HP).

To build a campfire in Palworld, you will need to unlock this skill after reaching Level 2 in the Technology section. Then, you can access the Build menu and select the first option from the top right side.

You will only require one essential type of item i.e., Wood (x10) to craft it successfully. There are a lot of trees, so you can acquire wood by hitting them with relative ease.

Similarly, if you are low on wood supplies or out exploring the wilds, then you can light up a Handheld Torch to keep yourself warm to survive the night. This item is unlocked at Level 1, can be crafted at your primitive workbench, and is relatively easier to make compared to a campfire in Palworld.

You will need Wood (x2) and Stones (x2) to make a handheld torch, which will do a basic but effective job of keeping you alive through the cold nights in Palworld. To get the stones, you can simply target the large rocks with your weapons.


You can skip the night by crafting a bed and sleeping to avoid getting cold at Night in Palworld.

Lastly, in order to avoid getting inflicted by the cold status effect in Palworld, you should set up a campfire to keep not only yourself but your Pals warm as well. You can also use a fire-elemental Pal if you caught one early to keep yourself warm in Palworld.

How to craft Outfits to survive the Cold  in Palworld

Apart from setting up campfires and lighting up handheld torches at your base, you will also need to craft the essential clothing outfit to survive the harsh cold if you are away from your base in Palworld.

For that, you will need to reach Level 4 in the Technology section, and then you will be able to unlock the skill Cloth Outfit, which will enable you to craft clothes made from Cloth (x2) or Wool.


You can target a certain Pal called Lamballs in Palworld. This particular Pal can be caught or defeated, and in return, you will get a fair amount of wool to craft clothes and survive in the cold.

If you have managed to level up to Level 9, then you will be able to unlock another clothing recipe in Palworld for Tundra Outfit. As the name suggests, this outfit is designed to protect you from the cold weather.

This specific outfit will ensure your survival chances, especially in certain areas with freezing temperatures. You will require only two items to craft the Tundra outfit, and these will include Cloth (x3) and Ice Organ (x2) in Palworld.


To get your hands on Ice Organ, you will need to target the Ice-type Pals. These will include Pals such as Pengullet, Penking, Jolthog Cryst, etc. in Palworld. Search the areas near the water bodies as the Ice-Elementa Pals are usually found there.

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