How To Fix Session Search Error In Palworld

Too many sessions.

Since Palworld has just come out, there are bound to be a few bugs and glitches that the players must face until all of them are fixed via hotfix updates. One of these annoying bugs is the “Session Search Error OnFindSessionsComplete bWasSuccessful == false” error, preventing you from joining a world.

If you’re suffering from the same error, we’ve got a few fixes to solve the problem. Note that there are variable causes of the Session Search Error in Palworld, so some of the methods we mention might not work. If they don’t, we recommend moving on to the next one until the problem is solved.

How to solve the Session Search error in Palworld

The reason behind the Session Search Error is not yet known, it could be a problem on your end or with the game itself. It is mostly caused when you are trying to rejoin created Worlds when there is a lot of traffic in the servers.

Whatever the reason may be, we’ve got a few solutions to the problem. Depending on the problem, a few of these may not work, in which case, we recommend trying the next method.

Restart the game

The first thing you can try to solve the OnCreateSessionComplete/Session Search Error is to restart the game. This will reset any temporary bugs or glitches within the code. To make sure, you can restart your whole system or wait a few minutes after you have closed the game.

Update the game

The next main thing you should try is to check whether the game has any updates. If you’re lucky, there might be a hotfix update that has solved the issue.

On Steam, you can do that by navigating to Library –> right-click on Palworld –> Properties –> Updates –> Always keep the game up to date.

If there are no available Updates, then we recommend waiting until the developers release one with a fix to the problem, which is likely because this is a common issue that most players face.

On EpicGames, navigate to Library –> check for Updates.

Avoid altering World settings and turn off the Multiplayer option

Since this problem is mostly caused by an overwhelming amount of people on the servers, the best way to fix the Session Search Error in Palworld would be to turn the multiplayer setting for the World you want to join off. Most people have found that doing this has solved the Session Search Error.

To be on the safe side, make sure not to alter any World setting when creating your World. If you already did, you could turn it off initially, restart the game, and then turn it back on.


Constantly clicking start without addressing the problem any other way doesn’t seem to solve the issue.

Check your Internet connection

One of the most probable causes for the Session Search Error is an unstable internet connection. You can fix this problem by shifting your Wi-Fi router closer to the system or shifting to an Ethernet connection completely. An Ethernet is recommended for the best performance.

Re-install the game

The Session Search Error can also be caused by a few corrupted game files. To fix that issue, you can either try verifying the game files on Steam or re-install the game completely for an efficient and clean process.

Reach out to Palworld Support

If none of the aforementioned methods have succeeded in solving the problem, then your best bet would be to contact the Palworld Support Team. The team has the best idea of what trouble you have and how to solve it.

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