How To Get High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld

Guns and Oil go hand in hand in Palworld.

High Quality Pal Oil is an ingredient that is required to make polymer in Palworld. If you are looking to craft advanced weapons like rocket launchers, sulfur isn’t the only crucial resource you need. To be able to craft these weapons, you need polymer, and the only way to get polymer in Palworld is by finding and collecting High-Quality Pal Oil.

Finding High-Quality Pal Oil is not an easy task, as you will either have to spend a lot of money or engage higher-level Pals and defeat them/ capture them in order to get the oil you need to make a polymer.

Where to find High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld

As we mentioned earlier, you can buy High Quality Pal Oil. However, this is not the best way or even a good way to farm high-quality pal oil. Considering how much polymer you need for guns, you require a massive supply of high-quality pal oil, and that only comes from hunting-specific Pals that drop High-Quality Pal Oil.

In order to farm High-Quality Pal Oil in Palworld, you will have to go after the following monsters labeled on the locations on the map above. At these locations, there are specific Pals you need to find that will drop High Quality Pal Oil once captured or defeated:

  • Location 1: Mammorest
  • Location 2: Woolipop
  • Location 3: Mammorest
  • Location 4: Flambelle
  • Location 5: Dumud
  • Location 6: Digtoise, Dumud

There are some other Pals like Elphidran, Grintale, Quivern, and Relaxaurus, which tend to sometimes drop High-Quality Pal Oil as well, but because of their levels and low spawn rate, they aren’t the best choice to farm.


The best way to get High-Quality Pal Oil would be to focus on grinding two Pals, which will be Digtoise and Dumud since they have the highest chance of drops when it comes to High-Quality Pal Oil in Palworld.

Digtoise are found more commonly roaming around in desert areas during daytime in Palworld.

In this case, you can simply head east from the Cove Mineshaft area to reach location 6 (beach area), to find both Digtoise and Dumud to farm High-Quality Pal Oil. However, you need to be on a higher level as these monsters will spawn at Level 18, and you may encounter some Level 23 Digtoise here as well.


Digtoise is a land Pal, meaning that this monster will use ground-based attacks on you, so it is best to use a Grass Pal like Eikthyrdeer to use those movement buff attacks to pin Digtoise in one corner and concentrate your strong attacks on defeating it.

By capturing a Digtoise successfully using your Pal Sphere you will earn 2 High Quality Pal Oil. On the other hand, if you kill the Digtoise then this monster drops 2-3 High Quality Pal Oil, Ore, etc.

In some cases, dead Digtoise also has chances of dropping up to 5 pieces of High-Quality Pal Oil. Thanks to their quick respawn rate, farming Digtoise in Palworld is the best way to stock up on High-Quality Pal Oil.

Compared to fighting Digtoise, Dumuds travel in packs, and picking a fight with one of them leads to the rest of the pack attacking you as well. You will need to separate them and fight a Dumud individually to defeat it or capture it. After you do that you will get High Quality Pal Oil (x1) with each Dumud you take down/ capture in Palworld.

How to buy High-Quality Pal Oil in Palworld

Palworld High Quality Pal Oil

If you want to avoid facing high-level Pals or are having a tough time defeating them, then you can simply purchase the High-Quality Pal Oil. To do that, you will need to find the NPC Wandering Merchant in Palworld. This merchant, in particular, is located in the Duneshelter area near the sand dunes.

Once you find your way to this place, the Wandering Merchant will be present in orange clothing and will be present next to some wooden hut. You can approach him and press F to talk to him. This way, you will be able to check the items he has listed for sale and buy High-Quality Pal Oil (x1) from him at a price of 300 Gold in Palworld. It will be an expensive purchase, but it will save you the hassle of fighting and capturing other Pals.

Using High-Quality Pal Oil

Once you gathered a lot of High Quality Pal Oil you can use it for crafting a certain manufactured resource known as Polymer in Palworld. However, to craft Polymer, you will require 3x High Quality Pal Oil.

As mentioned before, the polymer can further be used in creating a number of weapons such as Single-shot rifles, Rocket launchers, Decal Gun Sets, etc.

Apart from weapons and technology, you can also use High Quality Pal Oil for crafting gear for a certain Pal called Mossanda. Since you can use this particular pal as a mount, you can equip it with support weapons like Mosanada’s Grenade Launcher and Mossanda Lux’s Grenade Launcher, which can deliver great damage to enemy pals.

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