Palworld: Best Graphics Settings For Max FPS

High FPS. Low Stuttering.

Ever dreamed of a Pokémon game with the elements of survival and RPG? Well, this must be the lucky day. Palworld was recently released on Steam and has gamers on every platform going crazy. In this game, you can capture creatures called Pals and put them to work, have them build your base, and take them on adventures with you.

Palworld already came out in a well-optimized state so that even average PC setups can run it without any major issues. However, there are ways to improve your gaming experience by tweaking the FPS, DLSS, and graphics settings to get the optimum performance for your system.  

Before we delve any deeper into the best graphics settings for Palworld, it might be a good idea to make sure your PC meets the minimum PC requirements to run this game.

Best performance settings for low-end PCsin Palworld

If you are having FPS drops in Palworld or experiencing lag and screen tearing, we recommend turning all the settings down a notch. Palworld is not a graphic-intensive game so performance is always more important than some pretty textures.

We have listed the settings that should work for most of the PC systems however you may feel free to alter them as per your requirements.

  • Presets: Custom
  • Screen Mode: Full Screen
  • Screen Resolution: Default
  • Max FPS: 60
  • VSync: OFF
  • Motion Blur: As per choice
  • Anti-Aliasing: TAA
  • View Distance: Medium
  • Grass Details: Medium
  • Shadows: Medium
  • Effects Quality: Medium
  • Texture Quality: High
  • DLSS: Performance (for Nvidia users only)

Once again these are the settings that usually work best for most players and your experience might differ depending on your system. We recommend you treat these settings as a starting point and make changes as needed to boost FPS and performance.

You might want to set the Max FPS to “No Limit” instead if your GPU and monitor can support it. The game will look good as long as you have Textures Quality set to High.

Minor details like Shadows and Effects Quality do not make that big of a difference to the game’s appearance but take too much processing power.

If you have an Nvidia GPU that supports DLSS, make sure to turn it to Performance. This will help make your gameplay smoother without dropping visual quality.

General tips to improve performance in Palworld

If adjusting the In-game settings is still not giving you the desired performance in Palworld, there are a handful of things you can do to ensure the maximum FPS while maintaining good graphics in Palworld.

  • Make sure your Graphics drivers are up to date, you can install the latest drivers for your GPU by heading to the brand’s official Website.
  • Clear up some storage space on your hard drive, especially on the system Drive (Disk Drive C)
  • Make sure to have enough free RAM for Palworld by closing all unnecessary applications
  • If you are experiencing lag and screen freezing up, it might not have to do with your graphics settings at all, make sure your internet connection is stable.
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