How To Build A Fluffy Pal Bed In Palworld

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep.

The Fluffy Pal Bed is one of several items that you can build to increase the comfort levels of your favorite Pals in Palworld.

If not obvious from the name alone, the item allows a Pal to have a good night’s sleep. This helps them regain their HP and SAN. There is also a base challenge linked to building two Fluffy Beds to increase your base’s level.

How to build the Fluffy Pal Bed

You must reach level 24 and spend 2x Technology Points to unlock the Fluffy Pal Bed blueprint in your Infrastructure menu. The bed’s blueprint requires players to spend 10x Cloth, 30x Wood, 5x Nail, and 10x Fiber that can be found around different areas of the map.


Make sure to bring enough crafting materials to build 2x Fluffy Pal Beds to upgrade your base to level 13. This will save you time in completing the base challenge.

Once these items are acquired, travel back to your base, open up the build menu, and hover over the Infrastructure tab to view the Fluffy Pal Bed. Now all that’s left to do is craft the bed and have your pals sleep comfortably.

What does the Fluffy Pal Bed do in Palworld?

Fluffy Pal Beds are made especially for your worker pals who help to build your base stronger. These beds have much better stats than the regular hard straw beds.

Upgrading your pals to the better beds will help your pals sleep better at night which will yield players a quicker regain in the pal’s health and bonus points for your level.

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