How To Get Bones In Palworld

Murder some pals and fill your bags with bones.

Bones are an essential crafting resource in Palworld needed to make medicine, which is quite important to have in storage at all times. However, finding bones isn’t as straightforward as other resources like coal.

Bones are not found easily and can only be gathered by capturing or killing some specific Pals all over the map. There is no way to get bones in Palworld as loot from any other sources.

Where to find Bones in Palworld

There are many Pals that drop bones, and those pals are pretty much spread all over the game map. However, since not every pal drops a bone, you need to know the locations of Pals that can give you bones once killed or captured in Palworld.

Here is a complete list of all the Pals that drop bones in Palworld and the locations where you can find them.

Vixy is found in a few locations on the first island players start their game on, called Windswept Hills. Vixy is a pretty low-level pal, so it’s one of the best ways to farm bones in Palworld. The map below shows the area where there is an abundance of Vixy, usually found in groups of 3-4. Kill them, and each Vixy should drop 2-3 bones.

Rushoar can be found on the low-level islands, including the ones the player starts off from, i.e., Windswept Hills, Marsh Island, etc. You will also find Rushoar typically in the same areas as Vixy. The location below is also a good place to farm bones in Palworld

Gorirat is another great way to get bones in Palworld in large quantity due to its low level and availability in starting areas similar to pals like Rushoar and Vixy. It is commonly found on the Goblin Turf and the surrounding areas.

Verdash is only found on the northwest island called No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bushi inhabits the large fiery region on the western side, Mount Obsidian.

Cawgnito exists abundantly in two locations, in the Dessicated Desert and the whole middle of the map.

Loupmoon can easily be seen anywhere on the whole middle part of the map.

Maraith and Vanwyrm exist on the snowy island located on the Northern part of the map.

Anubis can be found in the Desert, present in the middle of the map, straight north from the starting point. Keep in mind that Anubis is a boss, so taking it down to get bones is going to be a challenge. The map below shows where you can find Anubis to kill and loot some bones.

As Pals can drop bones once, you can actually butcher some to get double the amount. The Pals that can be butchered in this category are a few, like Rushoar, so make sure to collect them. To do this, don’t kill the Pal and instead try to capture it. Then later, equip a butcher knife from your inventory and butcher the captured pal.

What are bones used for

Bones are used in basic crafting supplies like Cement and Mega Glider. Cement is used in building basic structures along with being a part of numerous recipes that are used in the game. This makes getting bones in Palworld as important as food.

To make Cement, you need:

  • Stone x 50
  • Bone x 1
  • Pal Fluids x 1

Another use of bones is in medicine. Pals can get problems or get sick which require some medicines. For fractures or ulcers, you’ll need a medicine made by:

  • Ingots x 3
  • Horns x 3
  • Bones x 1

Additionally, High Grade Medical Supplies also require bones in their recipe:

  • Ingots x 5
  • Horns x 5
  • Bones x 2
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