Best Starter Pals To Have In Palworld

Some of them really deserve a raise.

Right after entering the world of Palworld, you will be greeted by the sight of several Fluffy little Pals walking around. The whole map is brimming with creatures like that but they are not the only ones around. Some Pals can be cute and handy but at the same time, others are outright terrifying and deadly. The pals you start at the beginning of the game will determine your survivability with their firepower and work efficiency. We have listed the best starter Pals in Palworld that will best help you in building your base, upgrading it, and fighting enemies.

Best Starter Pals that we recommend in Palworld

Where some Pals like Lamball and Cattiva are fairly easy to capture and tame, you must be prepared to fight most Pals before throwing your Palspheres.

That being said there are 2 things you need to keep in mind while searching for Pals to capture. First, always have more than a few Palspheres in your inventory as you will often have to try at least twice to capture certain Pals.

Second, before throwing a Palsphere at a Pal, aim at them to reveal your chances of success, if the chance to capture a certain Pal is below 45%, cancel the Palsphere throw and beat up the Pal some more and try again.


Foxparks is the first Pal you need to actively look for right after starting the game, not only is Foxparks great in combat, but it can also be used as a source of Light during the night if you do not have a torch yet.

For this reason, we recommend keeping Foxparks in your inventory even at higher levels as you lose all your equipment upon dying, Foxparks can come in clutch at moments like this helping you survive the cold and dark of the night without anything else in your inventory.

When in your base, Foxparks will be your primary worker in preparing ingots and cooking. Foxparks has a unique Partner ability called Huggy Fire that will allow you to use Foxparks as a flamethrower. This special ability alone makes Foxparks the best starter Pal in Palworld especially against earlier bosses.


Cattiva is one of the most hardworking Pals you can acquire from the start of the game. Though Cattiva might not be the best Pal for combat, its importance lies in the base-building it will do for you.

Cattiva has 4 traits that can help you develop your base – handiwork, Mining, Gathering, and Transporting. Cattiva is fairly easy to catch and usually hangs around the spawn area.


Daedream should always be in a party. It's one of the top starter pals you can get in Palworld.

One of the best combat Pal you can capture early in the game is Daedream. Daedream is absolutely unparalleled in fighting against crowds of enemies but what makes it more interesting is its Partner Skill, Dream Chaser.

Once you craft the required necklace for Daedream, it will appear near you and assist you in fights even when you have another Pal activated. Thus, allowing you to fight alongside 2 Pals instead of just one.

A neat little trick you can do with Daedream is to have 4 or 5 of them in your party. This will make it so that you always have 5 Pals out with you. However, do know that they will most likely kill any Pal you are trying to capture alive so we do not recommend doing this.


Melpacca is not the best Pal in Palworld by any means. It does not have great combat ability nor does it exceptionally help in base-building. But there is still one essential reason for you to capture one and keep it in your party. Melpacca is the first pal you can use as a mount after crafting its saddle.

It allows you to cover more distance before burning out your stamina and makes the exploration much easier. Melpaca is one of the most needed if not the best starter Pal in Palworld, at least until you can capture Eikthrydeer.


A fully packaged starter Pal, the Tombat comes with both gathering and combat abilities.

Probably the coolest-looking starter Pal you can capture is Tombat. It is a great Pal for several reasons. Not only does it have level 2 gathering, mining, and transporting but it also has great combat abilities. However, its most useful ability is the Ultrasonic Sensor, which highlights all the points of interest in a 100-meter radius.

Tombat can be captured when you are around level 14 which is the point where you will most likely be needing it the most. Having Tombat in your party will make exploration a lot more convenient and engaging.

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