10 Best Palworld Mods So Far

Mods make it better.

Palworld has only been out for a few weeks but dozens of Palworld mods are already up in spades. These range from some much-needed bug fixes and performance improvements to minor Quality of Life changes to some outrageously ridiculous but hilarious mods. We have narrowed down to the 10 best mods you can install on your PC to alter your survival experience in Palworld.

However, before making any changes to the game files, it is strongly recommended that you back up your save files as there has not been enough testing for these mods yet.

How to install Palworld Mods

To find any Mod you want head to the Nexus Mods Palworld page and download any mod you like.

  1. All the Mods listed here are installed in the same way and will require RE-UE4SS 2.5.2. Download the zip file Xinput version and extract it anywhere you like.
  2. Head to your Windows drive (C) and open the directory – Users>Username>Appdata>Local>Pal>Saved and copy the SaveGames folder and place it in another drive to make a backup
  3. Now open the Xinput folder select all and copy. Then head to the Folder where Palworld is installed and navigate to Palworld>Pal>Binaries>Win64 and paste everything here.
  4. Open the UE4SS-settings.ini file and set “GuiConsoleEnabled” and “GuiConsoleVisible” both equal to 0 and “bUseUObjectArrayCache = false”. Save and close the file
  5. Now copy the Mod folder into the new Mods folder inside Win64
  6. In the Mods, folder open mods.txt, and enter the name of the mod followed by a “: 1 ”

Best Palworld Mods To Install Right Now

Toggle Hud Mod

The first mod is something that should have been a base feature of the game itself. It lets you disable the Hud at any time to capture amazing shots without any noise by pressing the F9 key. When you are done you can re-enable the Hud using the same key.

Palworld FOV Changes 70-150

This mod goes hand in hand with the Toggle Hud mod. Originally the game only lets you increase your FOV up to 90 but with this mod, you can go beyond that limit and choose anything between 70 and 150. This makes for some incredible scenic views in Palworld

Play as Zoe

Let’s be honest, all of us were impressed by the impeccable style of Zoe during her boss fight at the Rayne Tower. Well, this mod lets you play as Zoe with all her equipment available. You can even edit some items of clothing like the headpiece to choose a cool witch hat to go with your fashion sense.

Always Fast Travel

As the name suggests, this mod will let you fast travel from anywhere in the world. You do not have to look for an Eagle Statue every time you explore a new region anymore. Simply open your map and select a fast travel point to go there.

However, do note that this only works when playing offline and can cause the game to glitch if you try this on an online server.

Map Unlocker

This mod will simply remove the fog from your map and show you the complete map from the very start of the game. Just don’t let the size of the map scare you as it is much bigger than you would expect.

Carry Weight Increase

One of the most important stats in Palworld is Weight. This determines how much you can carry in your inventory. If you exceed the weight limit you will become over-encumbered and unable to move. With this mod, you can put all your level-up points in HP and never worry about weight limit.

This is especially helpful whenever you need to bring some resources from one base to another and will save you multiple trips between your bases.

Palworld Stormtrooper

Probably the most out-of-pocket mod is this one. It is safe to say no one ever expected to see Stormtroopers in Palworld. Yet this map replaces all the guard NPCs in the game with Stormtroopers. Now you can train your Pals to serve the Empire and hope they do not mod a Death Star into this game.

Shiny Pal Mod

This mod replaces all the Pals in Palworld with the Shiny Pals or the Lucky Pals. The Shiny or Lucky pals are the glowing large versions of regular Pals but they come with the Lucky trait which adds a bonus to their attack and work speeds.

This might sound too good to be true but it can be vexing as well. Every single Pal being replaced with a shiny one means that you will be constantly hearing that buzzing sound effect for the shiny Pals everywhere you go.

100 percent Capture Rate

If you are looking to take the surprise and any element of effort out of Palworld, this is the mod for you. As the title suggests, this mod will let you capture any Pal with a 100 percent capture rate including the Alpha Pals. This means you will never have to craft higher-tier spheres or collect Lifmunk effigies anymore.

Steam Deck Essentials (All Handhelds)

Steam Deck Essentials is a mod that optimizes Palworld performance on your Steam Deck or other handhelds, this will let you enhance or tweak certain aspects of the game to boost your FPS.

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