It’s “Painful” To Support World Of Warcraft Legacy Content, Says Technical Director

While with every expansion Blizzard Entertainment brought new features but, it also made supporting World Of Warcraft legacy content difficult of support.

It has been 14 years since the launch of World Of Warcraft and since then Blizzard Entertainment has rolled out many expansions to expand the game’s lore, new dungeons and more. While with every expansion, Blizzard Entertainment brought new features but it also made supporting World Of Warcraft legacy content difficult of support.

Speaking with GamesIndustry, World Of Warcraft technical director, Patrick Dawson, talked about the difficulties while supporting or modernizing World Of Warcraft Legacy Content.

He noted that it is difficult to support World of Warcraft Legacy content as every time Blizzard Entertainment rolls out a new expansion or patch the studio has to make sure that Ragnaros and Onyxia work as intended.

It is difficult to support legacy content. Every time you release a patch or expansion you still have to make sure Ragnaros works, and Onyxia works, because there are people that still go back and do that. So the challenge is, how do you support legacy content while developing new content?

He added that while the team working on the game has expanded along with the tech behind the game has evolved but, modernizing World Of Warcraft legacy content is painful.

You can’t expect any group of a few hundred people to hit every piece of content that’s ever been developed over the past 15 years

We’re constantly looking for ways to modernize so we don’t have to have it be so painful to support legacy content.

Speaking of the game, in the follow up to Battle For Azeroth expansion Blizzard launched a few cinematics to set the stage.

However, players took once cinematic to heart and decided to remove their armor piece in solidarity to Varok Saurfang.

World Of Warcraft players removed their in-game shoulder armor, inspired by a young troll and Varok Saurfang himself, to show solidarity with Varok Saurfang in the latest World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth expansion.

However, players didn’t actually remove their shoulder armor as they can’t forgo the buffs but used transmogrification to hide the shoulder armor piece to show support for Varok Saurfang.

Not only that, players also marched from Horde capital Orgrimmar to Alliance territory Darkshore earlier this month as part of Shoulders For Saurfang” in-game movement.

World Of Warcraft is a massively online multiplayer action RPG developed by Blizzard Entertainment for PC. Battle For Azeroth is the latest expansion to release for the game which brings the Horde and The Alliance face to face once again.

Source: GamesIndustry

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