How To Pack A Punch Weapons In MW3 Zombies 

Pack a punch are machines that upgrade your weapons in MW3 Zombies and make them powerful. Here is how to use them and what you can get.

Pack a Punch in Call of Duty MW3 Zombies are machines that allow you to upgrade your weapons to increase their damage and ammo capacity. These Machines are spread across the whole map and can be located by the icon on the map. 

These Machines require a certain number of points to upgrade your weapons and in which tier zone the machine lies.  

How To Use Pack A Punch? 

Pack a Punch machines work differently in MW3 Zombies compared to previous installments. They allow 3 different tiers of weapons for upgrades. Each machine can only be used once in the same zone. You can not use it again like you used to in previous games. 

These zones can be identified on the map by Clear, Orange or Red zones. You can use the Pack a Punch under them to upgrade your weapons to their full potential. 

Upgrade LevelCostZone
First Upgrade  5000 Essence Clear/Low Threat Zone 
Second Upgrade  10,00 Essence  Medium/ Orange Threat Zone 
Third/Final Upgrade 15,000 Essence  High/Red Threat Zone  
Pack a Punch level, cost, and zone details MW3 Zombies

Weapons that are upgraded with the help of Pack A Punch Machine can’t be carried over to the next matches. After the exfil, you will no longer have access to these weapons and will have to find another Pack a Punch in the next match. You’ll have to go through the process again to unlock the weapons for that match.  

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