Overwatch Now Sends Notifications If Your Reported Player Was Punished

In another step towards improving the reporting feature of Overwatch, notifications will be now sent out to players to confirm that justice has been served.

Players who report others for bad behavior in the game will be first sent an email to confirm the submission. If the reported individual ends up receiving a penalty or punishment, another email will be sent out to thank the player for keeping Overwatch clean.

A recent thread on Reddit revealed that the system is already in place and several emails have already been sent out. According to lead software engineer Bill Warnecke, the new feature is to let the community know that their efforts are not going to waste.

“Thank you for helping us keep Overwatch fair and fun by reporting players who you suspect are cheating or exploiting the game to gain an unfair advantage,” reads the email without going into detail about the punishment. “We know that our players often wonder about what happens to the people they report. In this case, your recent report led to an action against that player and their account.”

Last month, a better reporting system was launched for Overwatch that carries harsher penalties. It addresses the need of ensuring that majority of matches are conducted cleanly by accurately verifying individuals guilty of hampering the experience of others. This includes abandoning ongoing sessions, showcasing toxicity, harassing, spamming, intentionally feeding, and such.

The new reporting feature is currently only available on PC. It should make way to the consoles soon enough. Though, Blizzard is yet to cite a concrete date.

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