Overwatch Teases Its Fans With Torbjorn’s Letter, His Daughter the Next Hero?

A new tease surfaced regarding game Overwatch. In relation to previous Tweet that as made a few days back this here is a letter that was posted in Swedish.

The team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter Overwatch has been having a lot of teasers for its fans these past days. A few days back the PlayOverwatch Twitter account dropped a teaser regarding a new character “Operation White Dome” and while there have been loads of speculations going around that, Overwatch has once again teased further.

This last Saturday a letter was posted in Swedish which has also been translated into English confirming that Reinhardt had saved Torbjörn’s life before he goes on to talk about the unborn daughter.

According to “PC Gamer” supporting characters from Overwatch media have shaped up to become a full-fledged character in their own right, for example, Moira which appeared in Doomfist’s comic. Now using that logic the fact that Bridgette has popped up in the extended universe media not once but rather twice points towards the fact that this is an indication that she will join the hero roster at some point in time even though if she is not hero 27.

The letter is available on the official blog of Overwatch with the English translation. With this new tease, one of the major speculations has been put to rest. As based on the previous Tweet most of the fans were under the influence that the new character would possibly be a Middle-eastern character. While that has joined the dust some new speculations are bound to pop up based on the latest letter of the game Overwatch that has been teased.

The new question now is that is Torbjörn’s daughter hero 27? or this too will be joining dust. Only time will tell what is for sure is that the Overwatch community seems to enjoy the teases because when it comes to cryptic teasers then no one loves a subtle touch or a wink more than the Overwatch team.

So while we have limited information available to the Overwatch community the speculations are what any fans can take interest in. We will sure to let you know if anything new pops up.

The game is available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Source: PC Gamer