Overwatch Lunar New Year Event Skins Leak Before Launch

An insider has already leaked the Overwatch Lunar year skins. The leaked skins include Winston, Doomfist, Wrecking Ball, Brigitte, Sombra, Lucio and Moira.

Twitter insider Naeri x 나에리 has leaked Overwatch Lunar New Year event skins prior to its launch. In two tweets, Naeri shared all the new skins of the new event in high quality images.

Overwatch’s lunar new year season is named as ‘Year of the Rat’. We have already received a teaser trailer for the new Lunar Year event. In the trailer we can see Overwatch character Hanzo lighting up a Chineese lantern with a matchstick, and then releasing it in the air.

The seasonal event starts from January 16, and will end on February 5. The most wanted part of an event are its new skins and items. So far only the skins have been leaked.The leaked Overwatch Lunar Year pictures give us glimpse of new skins for.

Winston has a new jade colored armor. Doomfist has gained a light gold colored fist, with a white and yellow short, and white eyes. Wrecking ball has a new red blood and silver design over its ball. Brigitte an armor which red from legs and arms, and gold from the chest. Somra has a purple and matte grey suit, with a pirate looking cap over her head. Lucio has dark grey coat, with a white shirt inside and a red hat. And Moira has a multi-colored suit, and a red mask with light light coming out of the eyes.

Some of the skins look like they are legendary, and may cost gamers more. Blizzard has not yet given any official announcement validating the leaked skins. This is not the first time that Overwatch new season skins have been leaked. The fans wanted Blizzard Entertainment to support the Australian wildfires, and launch skins of firefighters. Although there is no official word on that, we may eventually receive them. But for now, it’s Lunar Year celebration

The new Lunar year season for Overwatch is almost here, and we will eventually find out what new skins and items are coming for the Lunar New Year.

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