Overwatch Loot Boxes Being Adjusted to Reduce Duplicates

Following a ton of feedback, Blizzard is finally adjusting the Overwatch loot boxes to reduce the chances of unlocking duplicate items.

Despite the fact that the developer continues to introduce new cosmetic alternatives at a regular pace, there is still a high percentage chance for players to get copies of items that they already own. According to game director Jeff Kaplan, the upcoming change will prove to be “extremely significant” and reduce annoyance for the community.

Any duplicate items attained from the Overwatch loot boxes are automatically scrapped for Credits (in-game currency) as compensation. These can then be spent in the store to unlock several eligible items, ranging from cosmetic wares to emotes. Since Blizzard is “drastically reducing” the amount of duplicates, it is only logical to assume that players will be earning less Credits from hereon.

That, though, is not the case. When the next update goes live, the amount of Credits earned will be increased by a certain degree to counter the change. “We’ll make sure that your Credit intake will be at least the same, if not more,” assured the developer.

The change to the Overwatch loot boxes and Credits are already live on the Public Test Region (PTR). There is no word on when the next update will come our way. Since the game already received a new update a couple of days back, the next iteration in the cycle should be at least somewhere in the next month.

In other news, the latest patch continues the war on cheaters. It apparently features an undocumented change that disables a certain aimbot hack, which uses color recognition to lock on to targets. The games should feel a bit cleaner now.

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