Day 1 Tickets for Overwatch League Are Sold Out

Blizzard has officially confirmed that tickets for the first day of the inaugural season of Overwatch League have sold out, nearly a month after they went up for sale.

Those who were not quick enough to secure their admission for the opening day must now look towards the remaining weeks of the month. The developer has cautioned that several other days in the opening weeks are reaching maximum capcity as well. Hence, anyone interested in experience the competitive proceedings live must make haste.

Overwatch League will be hosted at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, which was previously the stage for The Tonight Show. It has a capacity of 450 seats, with guest boxes available for special guests. The venue also has practice areas in the back for professional teams, as well as lounges and offices.

The inaugural season of Overwatch League officially begins on January 10 with San Francisco Shock taking on Los Angeles Valiant. Shanghai Dragons will then go up against Los Angeles Gladiators, followed by Dallas Fuel and Seoul Dynasty to end the opening day.

The first stage of matches will continue through February 10. Tickets can be purchased for any day from the official website as long as the house isn’t full. They are all categorized under general admission and do not include special or backstage passes that cost extra. The tickets for weekdays cost $20, while the weekend will set you back by $30.

Blizzard has been severely hyping everyone for more than a year. We are finally about to see for ourselves if the wait was worth it, and if the ambitious initiative will indeed change the face of esports.

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