Blizzard Working With Sony and Microsoft for Overwatch Crossplay

Crossplay platforming is the ultimate dream for most gamers, specifically ones on consoles. To end the divide between Xbox and PlayStation players. More importantly, to prove which populace is better as well. Overwatch wants to bring this fantasy to reality. As Blizzard is reportedly in talks with Sony and Microsoft for Overwatch crossplay.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Jeff Kaplan, pro wrestler and nerfer of champions expressed his interest in the aspect of cross-platform play.

“We’re super-excited about what’s going on with cross-play in all sorts of different games, from Rocket League to Fortnite, and we are constantly in discussions with the first-parties, Microsoft and Sony, to see where they’re at and gauge where their temperature is at. It’s something that would be very exciting for us to pursue”.

He also mentioned it’s complex difficulty in the aspects of a technological, game design and business relationship standpoint. In support, however, Xbox’s VP Mike Ybarra tweeted a definitive “Let’s do it” in response to Jeff’s idea.

Overwatch is one of the leading arena shooters being played today. Having been with us for two years now and with a massive fanbase. Blizzard’s first-person shooter continues to run strong across PC, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

While the pro-league and PTR aspects of the game are PC exclusive, the majority of the game’s casual fanbase exists on both consoles. For them to crossplay would put Overwatch in the same division as games like Fortnite, Rocket League and Minecraft, games prided for their crossplay.

To see Blizzard joining the trend would definitely be good news for console gamers. Especially those that want to prove their worth against their rival gamer populace in the rich, lore-filled FPS MOBA. Even Black Ops 4 has considered crossplay.

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