Overwatch Campaign Not Possible, Director Says

Recently, at Overwatch Retribution event, the director of the game, said in an interview, that making an Overwatch Campaign will be too difficult a task.

For all those fans who have been holding out or have been expecting an Overwatch Campaign, we have so,e bad news. Jeff Kaplan does not have plans to introduce an Overwatch Campaign.

The reason being, pretty much legit, according to Jeff Kaplan, shifting towards a lengthy campaign and being committed to it requires more than the usual amount of time.

On top of that, he further added that making an Overwatch Campaign would require a lot of additional resources and for them, it would be like making a brand new game.

Which they are in no mood off.

Jeff shared his views in a recent interview at the Overwatch’s ‘Retribution’ event.

Seems like with all the hunger for more in-game content, Blizzard has its aim set for multiplayer-centric games and they do not have plans to move away from that. Especially, not in the case of Overwatch.

Overwatch is primarily known for it’s online multiplayer and its amazing set of characters. For which apparently there is a demand for character back-stories, which thanks to Kaplan we may not be getting.

That said, there is one thing that most of the fans might find interesting, seems like Blizzard has one plan though, that may involve losing an Overwatch hero, in near future.

We normally don’t hear heroes dying or getting killed, but seems like it would be different in the case of Overwatch. This too was revealed by Jeff Kaplan a little while back.

Be that as it may, for those who have even an ounce of expectations from Blizzard or better yet Jeff Kaplan, regarding the Overwatch Campaign, should spare themselves the trouble.

As one thing is sure for now, that Overwatch will remain a multiplayer-centric game unless Jeff Kaplan has a change of heart.